Parenthood is the best rollercoaster!

Parenthood is a amazing, exhilarating, stressful and terrifying experience and one that I didn’t truly understand the gravity of whe I took on the job of being a mother at the young age of 17.  


It is full of  high speeds decisions as you try to multi task nappy changes, bottle making and house cleaning, while trying to enjoy the thrills as you ride out the good times of cuddles, kisses and learning new things.

Most parenthood journeys start out slowly as you enjoy the excitement of your pregnancy, new bump and eventually your baby. The joy and adrenaline builds  as you watch your children learn an grow, and they climb the milestone track reaching the peak as they learn to smile, crawl, sit, walk and eventually fall!

It is then that the tears, scream and terror starts as you plunge down into the tantrums, the endless sleepless nights and the dreaded teenage years!  


As you whizz along your daily lives, bending round the different curves and challenges as you try to figure out which parenting path to take. Knowing you will make mistake along the way as you try to figure out what is best you and your family.

The fast paced loop de loops of life leaving your head spinning and you confused as youtry to figure out what your 2 year old is trying to say to you and when you fly through the water pit and your hand go up to protect yourselves from the onslaught of unknown bodily fluid the mini person will try to share with you on a regular basis. 



There will be times of total elation and you feel an overwhelming rush of love and happiness as you hold your little bundle wrapped up in your arms and all you can think is how awesome you must be for being able to help create this truly estounding and beautiful human being in front of you.

As the round the last few corners and you reach the end of the being a full time parent. You will think back over the wild ride your children have taken you on, the scary and stressful bits long forgotten and the happy memories remain. You will then look at your children and realise they made you into the best thing you could be a mother, a father, a parent!

And that’s the scariest rollercoaster ride ever!  

Nikki x

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10 phrases I swore I would never say to my kids…..but do!

As a child I was, what can only be described as a “demon child”. I was one of those spoilt little brats that would scream the store down and throw all out hissy fits in very public places. My mum would try to be strong and would try to ignore or calm me down, but I was a very strong willed and stubborn child. (Must be because I’m a Taurus!)

That being the case I always remember certain phrases my mum would say to me that would make matters even worse or that annoyed me and made me scream loud.

When I became a mother I swore I wasn’t going to ever say such phrases, I was going to understand my child, our life would be great and I would be one of those easy going, cool mums that had a amazing untreatable bond with their child that was built out of respect. (You can stop laughing now)
Yes I was a kidding myself. I was living in a dream world and I didn’t know what being a real mum entailed. In my defence though, I was only a 16 when I fell pregnant with T.

And even though I swore blind I would never say these phrases to my kids. As they grow older I hear myself saying them and I’m slowly turning into my parents!

So here you go the 10 phrases I swore I wouldn’t say to my kids (but actually do!):

1) “Because I said so!”

2) “You make a better door then a window.”

3) “Just give me a 1 second.” (I say this a lot)

4) “If I had said that when I was a kid I would have got a ……….!”

5) “Thats life!”

6) “Tough!”

7) “Your too young to understand, your just a kid.”

8) “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

9) “When you move out I’m going to come and jump all over your sofas and see how you like it”

And the last but not least

10) “When you have kids I hope they give you just as much grief as your giving me.”

Do you ever say any of these? Is there anything you swore you were never going to say to your kids? Do you find yourself saying it anyway?

Nikki x

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Kids grow up far too quickly!

Today I have realised my eldest little boy isn’t so little anymore. This is because T and I have had to have


I have been seriously been putting it off (but knew it was coming)mainly due to his age. He is only 9 and will be 10 in the next few months. Recently though he has been asking me questions. Like “what is sex?” and asking about when his voice will break etc. I tried to answers his questions as truthful as I can but without giving too much detail as I wanted to keep as much if his innocence in tack as I possible could.

The reason we were having the talk! (well the watered down version he is only 9!) is due to the fact that T’s school called me explaining that T and some boys had been discussing it in the playground!

So I had the discussion with my little boy about sex and trying not to picture him as my little baby boy who is too young to know about any of this sort of stuff and answer his questions as calmly and as informative as I can without making us both embarrassed. (I have to fight the urge wrap him up in cotton wool or try to figure out a way to never never land then he will never have to grow up!)


I want him to know he can always come to me about anything and if it’s a Boy Thing! that he doesn’t want to talk to me about, then he can always talk to his stepdad, grandads or his dad when he is with him.

So with the help of a human body book and a few tips off parenting sites I took the plunge.

We sat and talked once all the other kids were in bed. I started by first asking him what he thought sex was. I didn’t want to tell him something he didn’t need to know and I also wanted to make sure his friends were giving him false facts.
He was very embarrassed and didn’t really want to say. After some reassurance and me telling him that it will help him learn to talk to me when he is older.

I cover the basic of what sex is, talked about the changes his body will go through and what puberty is, we talked about how at his age he isn’t ready for sex until he is older and that it should be when he ready and with someone he cares about who also has to be ready. I also stressed the point to him that it isn’t something you discuss around younger children or in school and that I didn’t want him talking to his younger brother or sisters about it because they are younger. So when they are older hubby or I will do “the talk” with them like we have him. We went over the underwear rule again and I told him that if he ever has questions to come and ask us.

I do believe the talk went well but I still wish I could of waited a little longer but it’s better him knowing the truth and facts then believing what he hears in the play ground.

Kids seriously grow up way too fast these days.

Nikki ❤

Toilet training round 2.

Today is the day for E!


We are going to giving potty training another go.

I know what your thinking “another go”! Yes, this is the second time we are trying to tackle the potty training. The first time round we started and she was really doing well up until day 4. That day she went to the potty to do a number 2. When she finished, she stood up and saw it. At which point she freaked out and became scared of the potty and the toilet. She would completely refused to go anyway near and get herself really worked up over it.
I did still keep her in undies for a few more days hoping she would move past her fear and use potty because she wouldn’t like wetting herself.

I was half right!

She really didn’t like wetting herself and would become inconsolable for nearly an hour after. She still didn’t use potty though. Whenever I mentioned or tried to coax her to go she would cry and shout “YUCK!”.

I hated seeing my little girl that upset and just decided she clearly wasn’t ready and it wasn’t going to do her any good pushing it. We went back to nappies an waited a little longer.

The potty stayed gathering dust in the living room (it had been cleaned) and then one day she wander over (with her nappy on) and took a seat. I noticed more and more she would do this and even on the odd occasion would state “doing wee wee”. So I contemplated trying again and then she cemented it in stone the last week, when one morning she actually asked me to go to the potty.

She did it again today, so I decided it was time to give it another go. Fingers crossed it works.

So far: potty 3 and accidents 8

But it’s only day 1, so hopefully we can get this thing sorted and it will be 1 less nappy to change in morning. I also really don’t want her to be 3 years old and starting nursery in nappies.

My boys were both potty trained by now and I was always told girls were faster and easier to train. I am hoping this is true because potty training is one of the worst and un fun stages of parenting.

I would actually swap potty training my toddler for a preteen meltdown any day of week!

*Fingers Crossed*

Nikki ❤