#Project365 – Week 15

This week has been the start of half term and although I have tired to stay busy with the kids. I haven’t always remembered to take snaps of what we have been up to.

But here is my week minus a few really awesome pictures I wish I had taken. 

Day 96 

 Here is Baby, enjoying the sun and her first time on a trampoline. She isn’t normally in just a vest but in the midday sun it was really warm. I must say I love his the static has affected her hair, she looks so cute!

Day 97 

This was my attempt at a healthy breakfast after to chocolate fest that was Easter Sunday. I know it’s not really healthy but it has fruit in it. 

Day 98 

Tuesday I thought I would share how amazed I was that baby could sleep in such I weird positions on a regular basis. I know this is all part and parcel on her low muscle tone, which cause hypermobility, which is part of her Down syndrome but it’s still amazing watching her do the splits or sleep hugging her legs etc. 

What do you think? 

Day 99 

I love flowers and I buy myself a bunch every week when I do the shopping, just because they make me happy  and my house smell lovely. Plus they are amazing to snap a quick photo of, if I’m in a pinch and need a bit of inspiration. 

Day 100 

The boys wanted to go camping but because it was short notice, I don’t drive and it was after 6pm, they had to settle for a night of sleeping with me in a tent in the garden. 

I only agreed because I thought they would give up and say they wanted to go inside after a hour or so. But they didn’t and they adored the whole night and slept outside on the hard ground, much to my dismay. I coped by dreaming of my bed.

Day 101 

 I realise I take far too many pictures of food but this one was actually for #snaphappybritmums and it’s #betterwithcake prompt. I know it’s not cake but it had to do.

Day 102 

Here is Baby enjoying her first trip out on her sisters hand me down smart trike. I would have brought her, her own but E is much happier with her peddle bike which means I can save money and they both can enjoy the fun.

So that’s my week, how was yours? 

Nikki x 

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We went on a bear hunt!

After being inspired by the children’s new favourite book.  

I decided that this half term we would go on our own little bear hunt. This meant us going on a walk down into the wood near my house while reciting the story repeatedly and while I tried to snap as many picture as I could. Plus it meant I got to final test out the back sling I brought to carry Baby in.

The weather has been very bloody beautiful this week and has been a welcomed changed because it meant that our walk wouldn’t be put on hold. I arranged a day out with a friend and her children, but the original plan was changed and we instead decide to packed a picnic and go on a adventure. 


We were all really excited to go for a hike around the woods. Even Baby was excited and was loving her new carrier. So off we set, with our picnic packed the kids raring to go and everyone excited for the fun.

“We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.” 


“We’re Going To Catch A BIG One.”   

 “What A Beautiful Day!”

 “We’re Not Scared.” 


We had great fun and we ticked most of the books adventures, like mud, forest, a little beck (almost a river). Lucky for us there wasn’t a snowstorm or any dark caves. 

Sadly we didn’t find any bears but we saw sheep, cows, horses and a cute family of donkeys. 


We managed to get round our walk and at end we worked out that we had all managed to do about 4 miles and were completely exhausted. But like kids do they some how managed to find loads of energy just as we got home to sit down. 

It was then that the boys asked if they could have a camp out. I thought why not the weather is lovely and I knew our tents needed to be aired out soon. (It had been a few years) 

So we got out a tent and put it up in the garden.


The boys wanted a camp fire to roast marshmallows but that wasn’t possible, instead we managed to talk them into a BBQ for tea.

They seemed happy with them. 

Soon it was time for my friend and her girls to leave, Hubby and our girls went to bed. Which left me and the boys to try to snuggle down and get comfy in the tent in the garden. 


As you can tell they were very happy and really excited. 

When I first agreed to the idea of camping in the garden I had seriously thought that they would have been happy to sit in tent, tell ghost stories and then realise it was cold, uncomfy (my air bed bust a few years back, so we were sleeping on just hard ground) and that they would want to crawl back into their own beds in time for me to curl up on sofa and watch Scandal.

I was very wrong and we stayed out there all night. They even stayed out there this morning when I had finally decided I could pretend to sleep anymore an I needed the loo and then a coffee!

I was happy to see they loved camping as much as I normally do. Hopefully next year when baby is a little older we can look into booking a family camping holiday.

Do you ever acted out your kids books?

Have you ever camped in the garden?

Nikki x

Ps, sorry it’s such a photo heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it.

country kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

#Project365 – Week 8

This week has been half term, so we have been trying our best to get out and have fun.

Day 46

I decided to show off my Valentine day inspired nails. It was my first attempt at using the nail stickers from avon and I was really impressed with how well I did.

Day 47

T and E looking pleased and ready for some hot chocolate. Yum!

Day 48


We met up with my sister for a day out. I loved this picture of all kids running through the water fountain.

Day 49

I put E’s Doc Mcstuffins clinic tent in living room because it was raining. The kids loved it and okay end nicely for hours. They even had a picnic style tea in there. They loved it’s!

Day 50

The hubby and kids being funny as we wait for bus home in the interchange.

Day 51

Doing our version of ” The Railway Children” by waving at the trains as they pass by on they level crossing. The kids love it because the train conductors will beep their horns and wave back. So do some of the passengers.
It also a lovely walk that I’m going to put up on the blog.

Where your lot on half term this week?
What did you get up?

I can’t wait to see

Nikki x

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This is the word my step daughter A used to describe the days she has spent with us and my boys gave alternative such as great, fun, awesome, mad and splendid.

Here is why:

It’s been half term this week in our house and so far the weather hasn’t been that great. We all know how stressful and frustrating it is when it rains during the school holidays.
The kids get bored and fed up. While us mums are ready to pull our hairs out due to the constant nattering, bickering and questions (that all seems to be about the same thing or we have already answered for the 100th time!)

Luckily this week I got my ahead of myself and managed to check the weather on my iPhone app and plan activities accordingly.

Go Me!

Which is very unlike me. Organisation is not a strong suit of mine (although I do try).

So my task for this week was to come up with fun ideas to keep all the kids entertained but across age range 0-9years.

We just relaxed the first weekend cause the weather wasn’t too bad the older kids got to ride their bike and played in the garden.

Our half term fun started on Monday. Where we all split up into different groups. T went on a long bike ride through the woods with hubby and his friend, P went to my sister to play with my nephews and A, E, Ivy, grandma and I went to a sensory Leeds.


Tuesday was the only nice day we have had all week so far. So we woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (T and E helped) before the older 3, grandma and I went on an adventure to dinosaur discovery and the local garden centre.


They had great fun exploring, digging and finding out about dinosaurs. They had little dinosaur suit they could put on and pretend to be dinosaurs. The kids loved the dinosaur head you could move around and pretend to eat the wild life, shrubberies and grandma!

We then went home and baked some more.

We did a prepacked box of rockie road buns and some chewy smartie cookies with a recipe I got from Netmums.
The kids loved baking and the buns turned out great, the cookies not so much, they got slightly burnt. (mummy got a little distracted after the fun of the day and forgot about the cookies in the oven)

Wednesday it was raining so I made some homemade play dough and I let the kids have fun while I prepared an indoor picnic for us to have in the living room (since we couldn’t have one outside).

The kids loved it and this is a direct quote, said it was

“The best day ever!”

Even Ivy managed to join in and have a few bits to gum to death.

We finished off the day watching film and chilling out.

Thursday, I needed to get out of the house. So we all went to the local indoor play area Funsters where we go on a regular basis. Mainly because the kids needed to run around and blow off steam. I talked the kids into wearing their wellies to the play area, so that on the way home they could jump in puddles and have some simple childhood fun.

with a quick stop off at the park which was on our journey (we were already wet from the puddles, so why not?)
Clearly the kids burnt off any left over energy on the walk/play home. It was at this point that A came up with this brilliant word Magnificent and I loved it.
so when we got home we got changed and enjoyed sound hot chocolate to warm us through after all the wet fun.

I then let the older 3 play on the Wii, while E and Ivy played with their toys on floor.
(I somehow managed to get some housework done in this time of tranquility as they all played nicely and quietly. It was amazing)

That leads us to now. I have some plans for tomorrow but it depends what happens when we get up. That may be a future post.

This week has been great fun though even if it has been busy and I must say the word magnificent fits because the tribe have played nicely and got on well. We have managed to do so much and enjoy every second of the time we have had together. I am actually a little sad for it to be over in the next couple of days but will also be glad to get back into my normal routine.

What have you been upto?

Nikki ❤

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The Reading Residence

Half term and Easter holidays.

As the school holiday approached I was oddly optimistic that everything would be fine and the school holidays would be as enjoyable as the pervious one. Being full of play areas, family time and fun.

As you can guess it wasn’t at all like that. On day 1 I was awoken by my 9 year old (who seems to be going on 16) with an attitude and that’s how my half term began. The first week was a misery with daily tantrums, hourly outbursts of attitude and a very shouty, unhappy mummy. All my plans were put on hold because I couldn’t take my children out into the world and have them decide to do a runner or for T not to get his own way and start screaming “your the worst mum ever, I hate you!” (which seemed to be on repeat the first week). I knew that adding disapproving stares and fellow parents tut’s would just tip me over the edge. So I saved myself the let the ground open and swallow me whole moments and opted to stay in. I did explain to my children why they were missing out and punished my kids accordingly because they knew their behaviour was wrong!

And then finally the day came that I had waited for, the day where they started to behave and we managed to have a good family day. It had only taken over a week! It was as if someone had come in the night and swapped my argumentative and disobedient boys for ones that wanted to go out an play, wanted to be good and didn’t think I was the bad guy.

So the second week was full of fun with only the odd blip of misbehaving.
We did arts and crafts, plus P learnt to ride his bike, we had a movie night and on Good Friday we managed to make it to a play area near us called funsters.



On the Saturday we had my friend round with her girls where we made Easter rice crispy buns and we spent the afternoon in the park.


That evening my friend and I had a fun. Once the kids where all asleep we decided to share a bottle of wine to blow off steam and put the worlds to rights. We talked well into night and the 1 bottle quickly turned into 2. We finally went to bed after 1 am, slightly tipsy and knowing I was going to pay in the morning for drinking more then a couple of glasses.

I was very much right and the next morning I woke up groggy headed with a creeping hangover that got worse as Easter Sunday wore on. It didn’t matter how I felt though because the Easter bunny had to turn up to hide the eggs in the garden for the hunt. So at 8am I was hobbling foggy headed hiding foil covered eggs around the garden while the kids still dozed in their beds. I didn’t even put all the eggs out and I saved at least half for a hunt the next day :). Later that day we had my nephews 6th birthday party, which was murder with a hangover. (Being surrounded by 50 screaming kids while my head pounded was my punishment for the second bottle of wine) Fortunately by the end of the party and a strong coffee later my head started to lift and I was starting to feel more normal again.
After the party I spent my time at home while my kids went off to a Easter fair with their grandma.

The next day was Easter Monday and again I went out into garden hiding eggs so my kids could have another hunt and I could hopefully snap some pictures but they ran around so fast finding the eggs that they were a blur for the most part. However I did get a some lovely pictures of my mini Easter bunny 🙂


We had a lovely family roast and some friends round for tea. It was really fun and I enjoyed to company (with no alcohol in sight!). Then it was back into the usual routine as my boys were back to school the next morning.

It was once they were all bathed, bedded and asleep that I managed to finally get some cleaning done that I hadn’t been able to do the last 2 weeks. I cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed my sofas and wiped down all the mucky kiddie prints off the doors and walls. I did all this because then I was able to enjoy my first day with my kids back at school.

I do love my kids whole heartedly but after the ups and downs of the last 2 weeks, today was a much needed break that I thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely half term and Easter holiday 🙂

Nikki ❤