6 years today, we made it official! 

6 years ago today my hubby and I made our relationship official. We had meet a few weeks before and had been seeing each other almost constantly. (When he wasn’t at work, I wasn’t at college or my boys were awake)

When I first met my hubby I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was happy being a single mum to my 2 boys. We had a great set up were T was in school and P went to nursery while I went back to college full time to redo my GCSE’s.  


But all that changed when I went out for a night out with friends, walked into a bench and as my hubby say “presented him with an opportunity!” (Yes he was being vulgar!)

It was after that night that we started seeing each other for a while. I really liked my him but I was t young to rush into anything because I had my boys to think about plus I had been hurt when pervious relationships ended badly.



My hubby was great and really understanding about me not wanting to introduce him to T and P before I was ready and thought we had something together. He understood why he was only allowed to come see me once my boys were in bed or come and steal an hour to take me for lunch while I was college. 

He used to be so romantic standing outside my college building with flowers or a single rose (notice how I said “use to”!). It was amazing and I quickly found myself falling head over heels for him, so much so that I blurted out “I love you!” after only being together a month. 

It was round about then that introduced him to my children and I met his daughter. We all got on great at first and my boys loved finally having someone to wrestle and play fight with. 

We got engaged after 18 months because I had told the hubby I wanted more and that meant we start trying for a baby or we got engaged. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with E and her conception date was around about the day we got engaged.  

 The hubby moved into my house while I was pregnant and when E was born we stopped being in a relationship and became a blended family.  

We finally got married on the 8th March 2013 after being together nearly 4 years. (I was actually 11 weeks pregnant with baby when I got married). Our wedding was one of the happiest days of my life because finally I was marrying this man that I was so madly in love with. He was some one who loved me for me and had seen me at my worst and still wanted to be with me.

When baby arrived our family an lives were complete.  

 Now I’m not saying that over the years everything has been easy or prefect because we have both had our low points where we have done or said the wrong things. But even when that happens we tend to try and work through our problems and figure something out. (I said tend because sometime it can take a few nights of hubby on sofa before we are able to forgive and talk about the problem) 

But one thing I know is that over the last 6 years my hubby and I have changed (not always for the better) loads and I know that because of him I have learnt how to love, trust and let another person (other then my kids) in to my heart. Because of that night I found my soul mate and the person I want to spend the rest of my life. 

So thank you for the last 6 years of (almost complete) happiness and I hope we have many, many more years to come.

I love Hubby x 


Nikki x

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The SureStart fun day

This weekend the weather has been great and after the stress of a really Tricky week. I decided that I wasn’t going to waste it in doors, so we were going to have a family day out.

Again this week I was met with the problem as last weekend. Which was how to have a great day at a low cost because I am trying to save as much money as I can for our holiday.

Luckily the local SureStart centre where I take the girls to play group, were throwing a FunDay!

The kid loved it and there was so much to do.

There was a coconut shy
Face painting
Temporary tattoos
Loom bands (I can’t seem to escape them!)
Hook a duck
Craft tables
Circus tricks
Zumba shows
And loads more.

It was all taking place in a school playground, so there was a climbing frame and a massive sand pit which the younger ones loved.

Even Baby had her first experience of sand 🙂

The sand pit was a bit young (and “boring”) for T so he played basketball while we made sand castles and buried Baby’s feet.


That single moment was complete bliss, as I sat and watched my children play. The amazing amount of pure love and pride I felt was immense. All my kids were happy and we were together as a family. If I could freeze a moment in time and hold it forever that would be my moment. It was great!

Of course we couldn’t play forever and the other kids wanted to play too. So we moved on because they wanted to go on every stall. (especially the loom bands stall)

E got her face painted and 2 snake tattoos (defiantly her fathers daughter), actually all the kids got a tattoo and we stayed and listened to the raffle. But we didn’t win!


Then it was time to go. As we left I was just amazed at how great the day was, how rich in fun and love we were and the whole day cost us nothing!
The stalls, the tickets, the raffle and the food was all completely free and funded by SureStart. When we entered the gates we signed in and were hand vouchers to use as we saw fit.

We loved it and I hope they do another one again. If not then we are signed up for their Scarborough trip during the school holidays, but that’s a later post!

Nikki ❤

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