50 Things that Make me Happy!

When I first realised that I was tagged by the lovely Pennies Add Up I was completely thrilled. But when I thought about and I  wondered could I think of 50 different things that make me happy? 

So I put my mind to work and tried to come up with as many things as I could.  

 So here we go:

  1. My family – My hubby and my kids. They completely drive me around the bend most of the time but I know deep down that with them in my life I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now! 
  2. Sunshine – I love sitting in the sun and I adore watching the sun rise and set. 
  3. This smile – I can’t look at her smile without feeling all warm and fuzzy.  
  4. Wine – a nice big glass of red wine to relax with when the kids are in bed.
  5. The Disney film The Little Mermaid – I put this film on when ever I am ill or I’m feeling pants because it’s one of my favourite and I love it.
  6. My best friends Maggi and Kate – I call them my wives because I love them to pieces and they always make be feel better or talk sense into me when I’m feeling down!
  7. Listening to rain tapping on the window, car roof or when you in a tent.
  8. My kids telling me they love me
  9. Flowers  
  10. I love relaxing in a bubble bath, so bubble baths make me happy
  11. The Outdoors – that feeling you get after a long walk, or when your stood and the edge of a hill or cliff looking out are the view in front of you. It’s beautiful.
  12. Going swimming
  13. Chocolate – but that speaks for itself 
  14. Dancing – nothing makes me happier then blaring out music and dancing around like a crazy person. I even have a Happy Dance.
  15. Trying new things – figuring out and knowing I can do something new really makes me happy.
  16. Come Dine With Me – it’s one if my favourite TV shows and I love wTching it even if it does make me hungry.
  17. My house when it’s freshly decorated, decluttered and clean.
  18. Cuddles   
  19. The song Happy by Pharrell Williams
  20. My pyjamas – I love nothing more then buying myself a new set and I could live in them all day, every day. If it was possible.
  21. My mum and dad – my mum drives me round the bend and some days I want to scream at her because she isn’t listening or still treats me like a child but she can be lovely, helpful and there if I need her.
  22. Shopping – going in a shopping spree and spending money in a new pair of shoes or and outfit for myself. Even when I go shopping for the kids I love it because I can plan it all out and normally I try to go when I’m “kid free!” That makes it a real treat.
  23. Date night – my home and I try to have a date night steady once a month because we need time for us as well as time as a family. 
  24. Clouds – nothing better then lay on the grass on a warm summers day making shapes out of the clouds.  
  25. Kisses – whether it’s a smooch off my kids or a sneaky snog off my hubby kisses always leave me smiling. 
  26. Presents – come on who doesn’t like been given a gift.
  27. Seeing my kids happy!
  28. A cold beer, fresh from the fridge at the end of a hot day.
  29. Daffodils – every year I love see the daffodils because it means the start of spring.
  30. Halloween – I always try to go all out at Halloween. I decorate my garden, my house and sometimes myself. 
  31. Reading a story to my kids at bedtime and me seeing them read for themselves.  
  32. My bed – I love curling up in bed even though I find it hard to fall asleep sometimes.
  33. Being pregnant – although there were moments I completely loathed being pregnant, through out each and everyone pregnancy I alway had a feeling of contentment and happiness.
  34. Finding a bargain or getting a great deal on something.
  35. Bubbles – I love watching and blowing bubbles in garden with the kids.
  36. Hearing my kids say “I love you, mum!”.
  37. Watching E eat watermelon – she loves the stuff and always eat a slice that is almost as big as her head. It very amusing to watch.
  38. Listening to P!nk – she is one of my favourite artist and I just love her music.
  39. Sunday Morning snuggles with kids when they climb in my bed
  40. Coffee   
  41. Looking at stars – it fills my with a sense of amazement and happiness to stare up at a beautiful sight as the stars.
  42. When someone likes my blog posts or when I break my most views in a day record.
  43. When I think about the day I got married.
  44. Making new friends.
  45. When I try a new recipe and it works out well.
  46. Watching my kids sleep – it’s just so peaceful. 
  47. Seeing my kids learn something new.
  48. Climbing into freshly changed bedding.
  49. Sitting my candle light in winter.
  50. Being told “I’m the worlds best mum” or “the best mum ever”

I want to say a massive thank you for tagging me and even though my post is little bit late. It’s only because it’s take me so long to thing about what to  put and what makes me happy.

I will pass on the joy and tag:





What 50 Things Make you Happy? 

Nikki x

    15 Things that make me happy.

    I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

    Day 9: 15 Things that make you happy except the obvious like family, children etc

    I found this list rather difficult because even though I know what makes me happy. Thinking up 15 things is difficult off top of my head but I am going to give it a go.

    1. Watching a sunrise/sunset

    2. Crisp fresh bedding (specially when I have just shaved my legs. Sorry about the TMI moment but it just feels so clean and smooth)

    3. Walking in the snow (it always feels magical)

    4. Winning! (it can be anything that I have own it still makes me all happy and giddy)

    5. Hanging out my washing on the washing line first thing in a morning. (the peace and stillness of the world just relaxes me)

    6. Flowers (nearly all flowers make me smile and I like giving them and receiving them :D)

    7. Baking (I enjoy baking with my kids but I totally love just doing it all by myself)

    8. The Little Mermaid!

    9. Sketching and doodling

    10. Swimming (I love swimming but I hardly ever get chance to go because my hubby works shifts that change every week and he doesn’t often find out until the weekend before what he is working. So it makes it hard to plan activities like me swimming around it. Plus swimming pools have policies about having a certain number of kids to adult ratio)

    11. Wine makes me happy 🙂

    12. Learning something new (I love trying and picking up new skills because then I know I have tried it. At moment it’s finding the time)

    13. Bubble baths

    14. The beach/seaside (even though I hate sand I love the beach and I am always happy there)

    And last but not least
    15. Minions


    So there are my 15 things that make me happy. It wasn’t as hard as I thought.

    Can’t wait to see yours.
    See you tomorrow!

    Nikki ❤

    blog every day in August

    Where I have been!

    I know I haven’t been been around or blogging much recently but don’t worry.

    I’m back!


    *happy dances*

    Oh how I have missed you all.

    The reason I haven’t been around is because we have been on holiday recently. Which meant the first half was spent cleaning, packing, making sure everything was covered and ready. Then we had a week away. It was bliss

    an we had loads of fun but the only problem was no internet or wifi.
    The only place I could to get wifi in the restaurant and the mobile data signed on my phone was crap.
    I couldn’t blog, tweet or update Facebook.
    It safe to say by end of the week I was suffering with from serious withdrawals and I was making up any excuse to go to the restaurant or looking for nears cafe or macdonalds. Just so I could use their free wifi to be able to check my profile and uploads my holiday pictures to Instagram.

    The holiday it’s self was and just what my family and I needed. We had loads of family fun and reconnected with each other. It was amazing seeing the stresses of work, school and family life just melt away. So I was able to watch my kids grow, explore and have fun. While hubby and I topped up our tans because the weather was beautiful. We had so many fun family adventures and I tried to cram in loads of activities to keep kids busy because I didn’t want to hear the dreaded

    “I’m bored!”

    sentence escaping their lips.
    But there a future blog posts 🙂

    Here are some holiday pictures to help tide you all over until I get chance to type them up between the constant washing and unpacking of cases followed my some much earn glasses of wine 😀




    Nikki ❤

    magic moments

    What’s the story

     photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg


    My word this week is Proud!


    This week has been a week of achievements. Not just for me but my family as well .
    Here are their achievements of the week.
    T has been keeping his temper under control (we have been having a tough time with it recently. So much so it has landed him 1 week ground) but since Sunday (when everything kicked off over Lego) he has managed to stay calm, not raising his voice and has been nicer to family members.
    I think E is trying to win the sister of the year award with Baby. She has been lovely and so sweet with her. When ever we go out for a walk, on school run or anywhere, she stands one the buggie board singing into the pram and doing the makaton signs she knows along with the words. (old Mac Donald is a favourite at moment because she knows the animals) I have to join in with the singing (of course!)and we get loads of sweet smiles and people chatting as we walk along the streets listening to me murdering the song with my tone death-ness. It melts my heart seeing how close they are becoming already 🙂 (I wonder how long it lasts as they grow up)

    P has been doing well with his football after school and hubby is training to do tough mudder at start of august to raise money for cancer research and Down’s syndrome Bradford.

    The 2 major achievements that have made me really proud are the fact the Baby is moving around more and more now. She can roll across the room, spin round on her belly and has even started pushing and pulling herself along the floor sometime with some crazy commando crawl.

    She is going to be off in no time and loves her tummy time.

    For me my achievements started on Sunday when I found out a won #thethemegame blog linky at redpeffer with my blog post Why me? Why not?. I can’t describe how amazing it felt when I found out. I have been blogging for a while but it’s the first thing I have won. Then to add to that I was mentioned at The Breastfeeding Diaries at Zenas suitcase for my post Breastfeeding and why it was for me.

    It was all out of the blue and I never thought I would win. I just enjoy linking up, getting comments on my blog and reading all the other blogs that link up too.
    So this week has been a good week and I am safe in saying I am proud of my family for their achievements and I am proud of myself.

    GO ME!

    Nikki ❤

    word of the week

    The Reading Residence


    Post Comment Love

    Fun, games and daisy chains

    The weather has been lovely this weekend and all weekend I have wanted to go out with the kids. I wanted to have an adventure and explore but what actually happened was lots of pre teen meltdowns and a mischievous 6 year old that was adding fuel to the fire.

    Which then led to my cancelling my plans and staying home to work through mountains of laundry that the 7 of us create in this house. (I couldn’t let the weather go completely to waste).

    So we stayed home on Saturday but it wasn’t boring. E made the day by being completely dry for 2 days straight and Ivy started feeding herself

    And attempting to crawl

    (I must say the face plant picture really makes me giggle)

    Today was better, we still had a few meltdowns and I was a shouty mummy because everytime we tried to get ready to go out they would act up. By the forth time I was ready to give up, but kids asked for one more chance and promised to be good. A promise they kept (until we got home)!

    So we went out and in all honesty I was expecting the bickering and arguing to carry on. I was pleasantly surprised!

    We only went to the local pack for an hour but it was lovely. The sun was shining my kids were playing and all was right in the world.

    E, Ivy and I played in park


    While the boys climbed trees


    It was then that the stress of the 2 days melted away and I began to enjoy myself. I loved the way the kids were working and playing together. It was bliss and hard to believe only 20 minutes before the boys were shouting and calling each other names.

    E got really upset when the boys were climbing trees because she wanted to be up there with them. So I had to come up with something we could do together to keep and her happy. Then I remembered when I was a kid and spending my summer days sat in the grass making daisy chains and pretending to be a princess.

    To my surprise it wasn’t just E who wanted to do daisy chains. The grumpy preteen wanted to join in too (shockhorror)
    So there we sat in a nice circle picking daisies and making chains.


    It was a one of those moments where everything seemed right with the world. It was just pure childhood fun. We talked, we laughed and T made me a lovely bracelet.


    We didn’t just finishes there. E and T had a kick around.


    While I nursed a poorly P, who fell and blooded up his knee. A short while later we decided to make are way home because I was starting to sizzle and it was getting on to tea time.
    I would love to tell you my kids continued to get on and stop annoying each other but that would be a lie. I will tell you that even thought they were bickering again, pretty much as soon as we walked through the door. They weren’t as harsh with each other and I was able to let the constant

    “he hit me”


    “he said this”

    go because for a brief time we were a happy family again and my kids were the amazing kids I know they are deep down 🙂

    How was your sunny weekend?

    Nikki ❤

    Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall