I was so excited on New Year’s Eve because I found out that Baby had finally started cutting her first tooth. That excitement was very short live though. Because her first tooth may have started to cut through but it’s doing it at an extremely slow rate and is causing her a whole loads of bother.

And as most of us parents know, once one tooth appears the second, third or fourth isn’t too far behind. This is turning into the case with Baby. While having a feel in her mouth I could feel the squarish shape of her first set of molars under the gum just bursting to cut through.

I hadn’t realised until recently how hard her gums had become but I can feel it now every time I nurse her. (Which is a lot at moment, as she is using it for comfort as well as a milk source)
It’s not like the change causes pain or that she even bites (YET! I keep getting told) but I can tell the difference in how she latches.

She seems to be constantly sport some lovely rosey red cheeks recently too.

Then there is the lovely waking in the night which has started again. Last night was the worst night in a long time. She woke up ever hour or so crying and wanting to nurse. She finally settled sometime after 12am-1am. The night turned into a bit if a blur of feeds, cuddles and crying by that then so I don’t know actual time. My hubby was great by this point though and he took Baby down stairs just so I could get some rest.

I really feel for my little miss though because she is in pain. The poor little mite randomly bursting into tears throughout the day, chomping on her toys, hand and even feet. I do wish I could take it all away.

Recently though I have been thinking of looking into different teething pain relief methods such as Amber beads and ice pacts. But I just don’t want to waste money if they don’t actually work.

Also this week we have had another teething related bit of excitement as P lost his first top tooth at front.

Here he is sporting his new gap in a gummy smile. He has been a little upset though because the tooth fairy hasn’t been able to come yet.
You see when his tooth feel out he kept playing with it afterwards and kept dropping it. So I took it off him and wrapping g it up in a nice parcel for him to leave under his pillow at bed time.
When he went to bed he chose not to listen to me and started playing with it again. He took it out of it parcel and ended up dropping it between the carpet and wall. It fell is a crack and although we can see the tooth we can’t get it out. I have told him that I will tell the tooth fairy to come soon as we are able to remove the tooth because otherwise he might try to trick out of more money.
He has seemed ok with that for now but I don’t see it working much longer, so I really hope we manage to get the tooth out of the gap or he forgets it’s there.

So that’s my week. How was yours?
And do you know any other teething remedies I could try?

Nikki x

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