This week my word has been Praise.

The reason this is my word this week is because I have been making a serious effort in ignoring any naughty or answering back my kids have been doing and really trying to focus on praising their good behaviour.

This is tactic we employ a lot of the time but when we were nearing the end of the summer holidays. This practise got a little lost in the boredom and constant brickering that was going on between my unruly hooligan demon lovely children. So finding the good behaviour to focus on became difficult due to the daily arguments, back chat and fighting that was going on in my once happy house.

But most of last week was filled with people helping me find the positives again. With a few people telling me how polite and kind, my mischievous little munchkins can be.

So this week I made a point to pick out every positive and praise my kids because they deserve it.

T has had a great week in school and has had hardly any melt downs recently. Today he even did the washing up after breakfast with no complaints 🙂 I will say it’s mainly because he is working towards me letting him ride his bike to school on his own :-s. He goes 10 next week and mum walking him to school is so “uncool” apparently.

P has been his usual nattering self but has been so sweet and kind. Telling me he loves me and how much of a great mum I am :). He has also been trying to help out with tidying round the house by moving dirty cups from room and cleaning up after him self. His little face beams with pride everytime I tell him what a great job he is doing.

E loves being told she is a good girl and is really starting to finish he toilet training. She has been dry at night for last 2 nights and makes sure she goes to loo before bed. She is so sweet to Baby an is always singing if she cries or playing with her nicely. When out at play group she normally shares without a problem and loves playing with other kids. She was always a shy on even when she was 4 months old she only ever wanted me. Now she is turning 3 I can see the change as she is really coming out of her shell. It’s beautiful to see.

Baby has been a star recently and is learning new things everyday. She babbles constantly saying ” mama mama”, “dada”, “mmmmmm”, “baba” and loads more. She is a real chatter box :). Her newest achievement is that she is finally sitting up :).


This week I have had so much love and praise to give my kids. Whether it’s going great on homework, chores, kindness or learning something new. They have made me proud and happy to be their mum.

Nikki ❤

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The Reading Residence

My 10 favourite blogs

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 21: What are your 10 favourite blogs?

I have many different blogs I read and link up too but my 10 favourite are:

1. Life As Alice
This is the blog of Alice. She is an amazing person who is a mum of 2. She has a teenage son, who has Down syndrome also. I love reading her blog seeing her pictures and just generally see what she gets up to. (not in a stalkery way) We became friends first through a DS support site and it was through reading her blog and her advice that I was able to create mine. I have never met Alice but I hope to one day and her amazing son. Her blog gives me hope, makes me smile and let’s me know that sometimes it’s ok to cry about DS. Her blog is worth a read I promise.

2. mumturnedmom
This blog is by Sara. She is a lovely woman from Scotland who has moved over to America with her family. She run a weekly linky called #theprompt I try to join as often as I can or when the creative juices are flowing. I’m not always able to come up with anything though but she still includes me in her list every week to ask me to join. I love reading all the different ways she is creative with her prompts. Writing poems, short stories or just telling is about her life. It in a great read.

3. The Reading Residence This blog is run by Jocelyn and is a great read. She blogs about life, about family, reviews and competitions too. She also host pleat of Linkys such as word of the week which I try to join every Friday and bring back paper I love reading what she has done over the week on a Friday and I try my best to join in to her linky.

4. PODcast
This is a blog run by Charly. She is a amazing a other who has an great talent for taking photographs. She runs and joins a number of Linkys join so I can’t help but come across her amazing blog. It’s differently worth a look.

5. Onedad3girls
This is a blog run by Darren. He is a father of girls and loves taking photos. He has run a linky #mysundayphoto that I join religiously every week and I love looking at his photos on a Sunday and reading his blog posts if I have time.

6. Zena’s suitcase is a blog on a mother who has an older childer plus 2 younger children close to E and Baby’s age. She hold some Linkys that I have joined in the past but have be absent from recently 😦 (I should really aim to finish the draft I have been typing for this linky) I live reading her post and because I know that we go through very similar things. She has helped me a lot in past too answering my nearly endless questions about blogging and adding me to groups on Facebook.

7. Downs Side Up
This is a blog run by Hayley. She is a fellow DS mummy and I have only tweeted her a few time but I love reading her informative posts about life with a child with DS. I have also watch her and her daughter on TV join her linky for #TeamT21 when I type a post that involves DS or my daughter.
Her advice and post gave always help be through times of uncertainty.

8. The Oliver’s Madhouse
Is a blog run by Jaime, she is a mother how write review and blogs about parenting. I love see all the thing she gets up to or reviews with her family and have used some of her views when I have been looking at or pick something out to buy. Great blog!

9. brummymummyof2this blog is run by Emma or Em. I love reading about her adventures with her kids and the thing did gets up to. But the thing I loved the most is her sarcasm and wit. Most of her post have me Laughing Out Loud and always manage to out a smile on my face. Trust me she us a blogger you don’t want to miss out reading.

10. internetburnette I have this linky #BEDAoutnumbered to thank for this one. Because without this linky I probably wouldn’t of found this blog but I have really enjoyed reading about her life abc getting to know some more about her. So much so I have started following her blog.

So there you go my 10 favourite blogs.

What are yours?

Nikki ❤

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15 Things that make me happy.

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 9: 15 Things that make you happy except the obvious like family, children etc

I found this list rather difficult because even though I know what makes me happy. Thinking up 15 things is difficult off top of my head but I am going to give it a go.

1. Watching a sunrise/sunset

2. Crisp fresh bedding (specially when I have just shaved my legs. Sorry about the TMI moment but it just feels so clean and smooth)

3. Walking in the snow (it always feels magical)

4. Winning! (it can be anything that I have own it still makes me all happy and giddy)

5. Hanging out my washing on the washing line first thing in a morning. (the peace and stillness of the world just relaxes me)

6. Flowers (nearly all flowers make me smile and I like giving them and receiving them :D)

7. Baking (I enjoy baking with my kids but I totally love just doing it all by myself)

8. The Little Mermaid!

9. Sketching and doodling

10. Swimming (I love swimming but I hardly ever get chance to go because my hubby works shifts that change every week and he doesn’t often find out until the weekend before what he is working. So it makes it hard to plan activities like me swimming around it. Plus swimming pools have policies about having a certain number of kids to adult ratio)

11. Wine makes me happy 🙂

12. Learning something new (I love trying and picking up new skills because then I know I have tried it. At moment it’s finding the time)

13. Bubble baths

14. The beach/seaside (even though I hate sand I love the beach and I am always happy there)

And last but not least
15. Minions


So there are my 15 things that make me happy. It wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Can’t wait to see yours.
See you tomorrow!

Nikki ❤

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My Best Friend

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 6: My Best Friend

I have a few friends hold close in my heart and I would do anything for (they know who they are) and I love them just as much as each other but when I think of my best friend I think of MAGGI!


She is the person I class as my best friend just because we have been through so much together.

I met Maggi when we were both 16. We use to go out to same the club Rio’s and had loads of friends in common. It was that exact way we met. I had gone back to a friends house for a bit of an after party and a chill and Maggi was dating the guy who flat we were all staying in and straight away we hit it off. We actually spent hours chatting in the kitchen as we cleaned it and then we went walking around the cemetery at stupid o’clock in the morning, talking. (Yes walking round a cemetery at 2am is a weird thing to do but we were young and I rationalised it would help me with my fear of zombies. It didn’t!)

After that we spent the next 4 weeks being completely inseparable. We hung out, we went clubbing or to pub and we shopped. It was ace. It was actually because of Maggi I met T’s dad, when him send his friend almost knocked us over coming down a hill full speed of a bike an rollerblades. Maggi actually fancied T’s dad and I liked his friend. We got chatting to them and spent hours talking in the centre of town. After a bit of time I realised I fancied T’s dad (we were only 16!) and he liked me. Maggi wasn’t bothered though because she is an amazing person who I think is beautiful. (she doesn’t see it in herself but I do)


When I started going out with T’s dad Maggi and I lost touch and I didn’t see Maggi for over 2 years. By that point and I had just become a single teenage mum and I wasn’t handling the break up of T’s dad and I, very well. I hated being alone in my house and I was going out partying when ever my mum would watch T for me. (was a very low point in my life). Anyway I bumped back into to Maggi at a party and we got talking when T was at my mums. I had friends come back to mine and Maggi came too. We spent the whole night chatting again it was like no time had passed at all. She mentioned that she also didn’t like staying alone in her flat, as her flat mate was at her boyfriends for next week. So I invited her to come stay with me because I had a spare room and it stopped us both being alone. It was meant to be a week but it actually turned into 2 years because Maggi ended up moving in. I couldn’t of been happier! (same thing happened with my hubby!)
It was then I started calling her my wifey and all our friends started referring to us as Maggi and Nikki. We were hardly ever separate.


The next 2 years were great. We would chat and giggle all time, spending at least one night a week curled up on my sofas watching girly flicks eating our own individual tubs of Ben and Jerry’s, doing face packs and painting our nails. It was great and if a guy ever asked me out Maggi would baby sit, so I could go out on a date and would be there to help pick up the pieces if it all went pear shaped.

Maggi helped me get through a really hard time in my life by just being there to listen to me when I needed her.

Then one day Maggi found her dad on Facebook and wanted to get to know him. Problem was he lived in Scotland. She went up to visit him and realised she loved it there and was going to move to be close to him. I was devastated but I knew it was the right thing for her to do. Plus by that point I was pregnant with P and we knew I would need the my spare room for T and P would go in T’s old little room. She promised she would keep in touch and we both promised to visit and she stuck to her word. At least twice a year she would come down to visit and we still got up to all the crazy stuff we did before.


We use to talk almost every night because she worked nights on a hotel desk and I always had problems sleeping on a night.
Over time she met her partner and settled down to have 2 beautiful children and I met my hubby. Maggi still came to visit but it wasn’t as often because we both had families and I even went up to Scotland to see her.
The funniest thing is that when my hubby was thinking of asking me to marry him. He asked Maggi for advice on rings and when I got married she was my maid of honor.


She came down for my hen do and the wedding it was great. A few months after the wedding. When I was heavily pregnant with baby. Hubby, E and I went to Scotland to see Maggi and her family again. That was the last time we saw each other and it was well over a year ago :(. We still talk often on phone or FaceTime but a lot of time we forget or the kids need or want something and our conversations are cut short.
But it doesn’t matter because she know if she needs me I am always there for her just like I do for her. If I need to talk she will listen and I do same for her. She knows pretty much everything about (probably more then my own husband does!)
She has seen me and talked me through many bad time and has alwaysbeen there to give me a healthy dose of reality when I need it. She always tells me if I look hideous and isn’t afraid to tell me what she truly thinks. She expects the same from me too which is great because I get to be me without worrying about upsetting or offending her. She knows if I ever say anything she doesn’t like or agree with, she knows it wasn’t meant in that way and we talk about it.
I’m not saying we never have arguments because we have (specially when we lived together because we “synced up”) but once we both had it out of our systems we would chat and everything was forgotten. We only ever really argued when we were highly emotional and very stressed.

Maggi has played a massive part in my life and always will. Even thought don’t see or talk to her every day. She is never far from my mind or my heart.

That is why I class Maggi had my best friend x


Nikki ❤

My special memory

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 5: A special memory

Again this challenge is difficult for me because I have so many special memories that choosing just one doesn’t seem right.

So I thought I would tell you a couple of my special memories. (Yes they are going to be the typical one you’re would expect from a wife and mother)

Firstly It would have to be when each of my children where born.

I will say the experiences and births were a lot nicer with my middle children, then my with my first and last.
Mainly because after 10 and half hours of labour with T I was rushed off to theatre for and emergency c section because his heart rate was dipping and I had failure to progress past 4cm.
I remember the uncontrollable trembling that spread through my body. It was caused by a mixture of the epidural side effects and my fear, as they wheeled me down the corridor to the theatre.
The intense smell of the surgical disinfectant as I laid on the operating table and the a green surgical cloth they put in front of me to prevent me seeing what the surgeons where doing.
Which I was glad about, until I looked up at the ceiling where there was a massive bright surgical light with silver reflective rings, so I could see it all. Not wanting to see I looked to my right where my mum (I was 17 and petrified. I didn’t want T’s dad, I wanted my mum) was sat and I noticed the wall behind her were again massive silver reflective doors and I could see what they were doing to me.
So I turned to my left and stared at the only wall I could look at before I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to be there and just wanted it to be over.
10 minutes passes (it seemed like a life time) and that was when I hear the best sound ever, T’s almighty scream he had been born. Weighing 7lb 10.5oz he was prefect. My mum held him with I was sewn up and take to recovery.
It took 3 weeks for me to fully recover as my stitches hadn’t been done right and I had to go back into hospital to have it removed. It was horrible.

My next memory would be the night I met my hubby. (although I was on a night out so it doesn’t stay vivid :D)

I was on a much needed night out with friends because I was a single mum of 2 going full time to college to redo my GCSE’s.
Well anyway I got to the club an didn’t realise how expensive a round would be and I had forgot to get more money out of my bank on the way. So my friend an I left to walk to the nearest cash machine.
On the way my friend recognised an old friend of hers (which happened to be my future husband). At the time though I was wanting to get to bank before it got too busy or late. I set off ahead while she followed behind talking to him.
I was still trying to be part of their conversation though not wanting to be impolite and him thinking I was rude or snubbing him (he was cute and all).
This meant I was walking but looking behind so I could hear and chat too. It was at this point that I walked straight into a bench! falling face first onto it, with my backside up in air. (my hubby say that was the moments he decided he was going to try his luck and get to know me)
Neither of them warned me or said “look out for the bench!” No, they laughed at me instead.
Anyway after I managed to stop myself dying there an then out of embarrassment, walking away with dented pride and bruised chins. We made it to cash machine and back to club. Where I went straight to loo’s to sort myself out. When I came out my friend was at the bar but “my hubby” was no where to be seen.
So I carried on having a good time dancing, chatting and having a laugh.
A little while later I was stood at the bar with another of my friends chatting while waiting for my drinks order when “my hubby” came over handed me 6 roses, paid for my drink,then out of no where kissed me and walked off.
I was so shocked I just stood there staring at my friend and the flowers and then at my friend again wondering what the hell had just happened.
A few drinks later (this is where it gets blurry!) “my hubby” and I found each other and managed to actually talk and get to know each other and the rest is shall we say history.

I do have loads of other special memories like when I found out I was pregnant, when my other children where born, when I passed my Alevels and the day I got married.


But we would be here for ages going through them all. So these will do.
Can’t wait to read yours.
See you tomorrow.

Nikki ❤

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magic moments

Where I have been!

I know I haven’t been been around or blogging much recently but don’t worry.

I’m back!


*happy dances*

Oh how I have missed you all.

The reason I haven’t been around is because we have been on holiday recently. Which meant the first half was spent cleaning, packing, making sure everything was covered and ready. Then we had a week away. It was bliss

an we had loads of fun but the only problem was no internet or wifi.
The only place I could to get wifi in the restaurant and the mobile data signed on my phone was crap.
I couldn’t blog, tweet or update Facebook.
It safe to say by end of the week I was suffering with from serious withdrawals and I was making up any excuse to go to the restaurant or looking for nears cafe or macdonalds. Just so I could use their free wifi to be able to check my profile and uploads my holiday pictures to Instagram.

The holiday it’s self was and just what my family and I needed. We had loads of family fun and reconnected with each other. It was amazing seeing the stresses of work, school and family life just melt away. So I was able to watch my kids grow, explore and have fun. While hubby and I topped up our tans because the weather was beautiful. We had so many fun family adventures and I tried to cram in loads of activities to keep kids busy because I didn’t want to hear the dreaded

“I’m bored!”

sentence escaping their lips.
But there a future blog posts 🙂

Here are some holiday pictures to help tide you all over until I get chance to type them up between the constant washing and unpacking of cases followed my some much earn glasses of wine 😀




Nikki ❤

magic moments

What’s the story

 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg