I believe in magic

This post is to take part in The Prompt that’s tun by the lovely Sara @mumturnedmom.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”- Roland Dahl

This quote got me thinking about my belief in magic.

Because I do believe in magic!

I’m not saying I run around in a fairy tutu with a wand, sprinkling dust or that I believe that if you wish hard enough on a star it will come true. (the tutu only comes out on special occasions :D)

But I guess being a mother I have to have belief in magic for my children sake. Like at Christmas time or when the tooth fairy needs to come or on their birthdays. I dip in to my mummy magic and try my best to make it special. Just so I can see the twinkle in their eyes and the smile spread across their faces, when they come down stair to see Santa has been or look under their pillows to find the £1 coin the tooth fairy has left.

To me Christmas is the most magical time of year. I love the run up to it and letting the magic flow through my house. It start when I get out the decorations and hang them with the children, we bake, play games and laugh. The kids choose their presents and we write our letters to Santa. We will sing Christmas carols, drink hot coco with marshmallows and we read the night before Christmas.
If it snows I have to build a snowman and enjoy the little white flakes that fall to the ground. I love playing in the freshly fallen snow because watching it always fills me with a giddy excitement and makes me feel like a child again. I love how the air always smells crisper and everything looks clean and new in this magical winter wonderland 🙂

For me though life has to be full of magic because that what your children are made of love and magic sent just to you to as a gift to look after and bring you joy and happiness.

Their childhood is a time for dreams, love and innocence and being a mummy it’s is my job to make sure that last as long as it can.

So yes I believe in magic!

Nikki ❤