Highlights of childhood

I am writing this post to take part in The Prompt that the lovely Sara @mumturnedmom does every week.

This weeks prompt is a good one and a quote

“The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.” – Garrison Keillor

once I found out about this prompt I got really excited because I loved my childhood, I love watching my children enjoy their childhood and it got me thinking about all the amazing stuff a great childhood is made.

The long hot summer days
As we learn to find are way.

The fun and adventure of hide an seek in the park
But we must be home before it gets dark.

A life full of laughter, love and praise
These are the thing on which we are raised.

Hardly any worries or tears
Even with are silly fears.

We call for are mothers,
Or our fathers, sisters, brothers.

They are our heros that keep us safe
The monsters, away they chase.

The smallest thing we hold dear
They become so precious we always want them near.

It’s an amazing time of magic, of wonder and of play
My memories of childhood I carry with me to this day.

Nikki ❤

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My special memory

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 5: A special memory

Again this challenge is difficult for me because I have so many special memories that choosing just one doesn’t seem right.

So I thought I would tell you a couple of my special memories. (Yes they are going to be the typical one you’re would expect from a wife and mother)

Firstly It would have to be when each of my children where born.

I will say the experiences and births were a lot nicer with my middle children, then my with my first and last.
Mainly because after 10 and half hours of labour with T I was rushed off to theatre for and emergency c section because his heart rate was dipping and I had failure to progress past 4cm.
I remember the uncontrollable trembling that spread through my body. It was caused by a mixture of the epidural side effects and my fear, as they wheeled me down the corridor to the theatre.
The intense smell of the surgical disinfectant as I laid on the operating table and the a green surgical cloth they put in front of me to prevent me seeing what the surgeons where doing.
Which I was glad about, until I looked up at the ceiling where there was a massive bright surgical light with silver reflective rings, so I could see it all. Not wanting to see I looked to my right where my mum (I was 17 and petrified. I didn’t want T’s dad, I wanted my mum) was sat and I noticed the wall behind her were again massive silver reflective doors and I could see what they were doing to me.
So I turned to my left and stared at the only wall I could look at before I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to be there and just wanted it to be over.
10 minutes passes (it seemed like a life time) and that was when I hear the best sound ever, T’s almighty scream he had been born. Weighing 7lb 10.5oz he was prefect. My mum held him with I was sewn up and take to recovery.
It took 3 weeks for me to fully recover as my stitches hadn’t been done right and I had to go back into hospital to have it removed. It was horrible.

My next memory would be the night I met my hubby. (although I was on a night out so it doesn’t stay vivid :D)

I was on a much needed night out with friends because I was a single mum of 2 going full time to college to redo my GCSE’s.
Well anyway I got to the club an didn’t realise how expensive a round would be and I had forgot to get more money out of my bank on the way. So my friend an I left to walk to the nearest cash machine.
On the way my friend recognised an old friend of hers (which happened to be my future husband). At the time though I was wanting to get to bank before it got too busy or late. I set off ahead while she followed behind talking to him.
I was still trying to be part of their conversation though not wanting to be impolite and him thinking I was rude or snubbing him (he was cute and all).
This meant I was walking but looking behind so I could hear and chat too. It was at this point that I walked straight into a bench! falling face first onto it, with my backside up in air. (my hubby say that was the moments he decided he was going to try his luck and get to know me)
Neither of them warned me or said “look out for the bench!” No, they laughed at me instead.
Anyway after I managed to stop myself dying there an then out of embarrassment, walking away with dented pride and bruised chins. We made it to cash machine and back to club. Where I went straight to loo’s to sort myself out. When I came out my friend was at the bar but “my hubby” was no where to be seen.
So I carried on having a good time dancing, chatting and having a laugh.
A little while later I was stood at the bar with another of my friends chatting while waiting for my drinks order when “my hubby” came over handed me 6 roses, paid for my drink,then out of no where kissed me and walked off.
I was so shocked I just stood there staring at my friend and the flowers and then at my friend again wondering what the hell had just happened.
A few drinks later (this is where it gets blurry!) “my hubby” and I found each other and managed to actually talk and get to know each other and the rest is shall we say history.

I do have loads of other special memories like when I found out I was pregnant, when my other children where born, when I passed my Alevels and the day I got married.


But we would be here for ages going through them all. So these will do.
Can’t wait to read yours.
See you tomorrow.

Nikki ❤

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My favourite smell….

If I really think about don’t have just 1 favourite smell, I have a few that all take me back to memories that i love to remember.

The smell of a Sunday roast cooking in the oven on a cold winters day. Reminds me of all those Sundays as a child when I would sit round table with my parents and sisters talking, laughing and being a family. (it’s something I try to do with my kids but they are too young to fully appreciate a proper family dinner)

The cheeky/sexy smell of my husbands aftershave reminds me of when we first me and started dating. When everything was new, exciting and we were falling in love.

The most unusual smell I love is the smell of petrol. Even as a child I use to love the smell of the petrol station and I use to beg my parents to let me go with them to fill up the car. At one point I even asked my parents what they thought it tasted like. (yes as a child I wanted to taste petrol) they quickly told me not to as it would make me very ill and put me in the hospital. (they left out the fact that it would kill me) But I was always intrigued by this smell of it and wondered why it’s smelt so good but you couldn’t taste it.

But my all time favourite smell would probably have to be the baby smell. When you sit cuddling your offspring drinking in their smell as you nuzzle their necks or kiss their fingers or sniff the tops of their heads. The scent of this little life that is so amazing as you hold it in your arms and fall into total and complete love! What could be better.

There are pro’s and con’s to smells though because the good ones never really last long enough and are easily overpowered by something less appealing. But it’s only takes the smallest linger of that one scent to send you back to a whole other time that you had probably forgotten.

Nikki ❤