#WickedWednesday #6

This week has been a week full of sulky faces.


This was Baby on Saturday because mummy said no to giving her my phone. 

As I stated on my Instagram picture. People who say people with Down syndrome are always happy need to just take a look at this picture. It’s a perfect example of Baby throw an tantrum because she isn’t getting her own way.

Don’t worry I was nice enough to take more pictures of this tantrum (to save for her 18th birthday cake!). So you could see what I have to put up with from my 17 month old. 

Can you say early terrible two’s? 

As you can see she went on to try the “I’ll look really cute while I cry” tactic, to see if I would give her my phone.

  That did work so she went back to tantrum mode.

  She nearly broke me with the “Why mummy?” Look but I stood firm and I didn’t give her my phone. So….. 

  ….she decided to go for my iPad instead.

  The tears quickly dried up and she was back to smiley Baby again. 

Just goes shows, how much of a little madam she can be. 

She wasn’t the only little madam this week though. E has been join her in the sulky tantrum stakes although her wasn’t nearly as cute but was rather funny. 


Here is a sulky E because I told here I didn’t know where she put her new Lego magazine. I know I’m such a terrible mummy for not knowing where she left it last. 

I did find it 5 minutes after this picture hidden in the sock basket and when I told E her reply was “Your silly mummy, the socks wanted to read too!”

So there’s my #WickedWednesday which has been full of sulky, tantruming girls. Thankfully my boys have been good ish.

Nikki x