Finding great deals with Chemist Direct

Because yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed, I have spent most of today I have been feeling sorry for myself and my big swollen face 😦 

I know woe is me! 

So to perk myself up and get my self ready for spring I have been shopping online and looking for some great deals on beauty and cometics. Because once my face is back to its normal size and shape. I am going to start taking better care of it.

I was thrill when I came across and there 1/3 off Vichy and La Roche-Posay offer that is running though out March.

This great offer means that I could save 34% off the normal price of these beauty products and as an added bonus  I can renew my complexion the natural way.

Which is just what I need after the harsh winter weather (that has been going from one extreme to the next) battering my skin and now the swelling an bruise of my operation. I believe my skin is in serious need of TLC, but at a price that I can afford. ChemistDirect do just that and I found some great products that I quickly put in my online basket, such as:

Which has been marked down from £11.50 to £7.59. This cream unclogs pores with out drying out your skin and helps it to feel softer and my velvety, while leaving you with a radiant complexion.

I love exfoliant into my skin because of how smooth and clean it feels. Plus after the changes in the temputure of the freezing cold outdoors to the warmth of my house, my skin can be left feeling dried out and nasty. I am hoping this will help get it back to feeling nice again.

Effaclar duo + has been mark down from £15.50 to £10.23 meaning you save £5.27. This product is great as it contains 4 active ingredient that help get rid of blemishes on the skin, unclog your pores and can be used daily on sensitive skin to help prevent spots, leaving your skin clearer, smoother and more moisturised.

This is something I need because even at the age of 27, I suffer from ache and spots. It’s something that annoys me to no end and can be caused by the slightest thing such as the change in temperatures and season. Which means anytime not my senitive skin is probably going to break out and I want to be prepared.

This amazing product was suppose to cost £15.00 but instead is £9.90. It is specially formulated to help reduce the puffiness under your eyes and helps moisturise dehydrated line and bags. 

This is something I definatly need. As a mother to 4 and one of them being teething 17 month old who doesn’t like to sleep I need anything that can help reduce the bags under my eye as well as leave my skin feeling rehydrated and refreshed.

I must say finding these great items that are all in offer was great specially when it meant I was saving up to 34% off of my total as well as supply me with products I can use to help me feel and look great.

These are just 3 of the products I brought today. I also bought some more but I will save those for a further review of these products so you yourselves can see how I get on.

Nikki x 

Disclaimer… For this post I was compensated with a £50 discount voucher, but these choices and opinions are my own. 


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Pampering day with friends

Like most mum I don’t often have time to pamper myself . I love spending a little time or money on myself but like most of us something comes up or something needs to be paid.

Recently I decided that enough was enough and I was in serious need of some pampering. So I arranged with my good friends K that we would meet up and go get hair or nails done or go shopping and spoil ourselves. Because we deserve it too 🙂

I was desperate to get my hair done because last time I had my hair done I was pregnant with Baby! So we agreed that the hair dressers was a definite port of call.
After we got coffee and checked out a few shops on way to salon :).

I was so nervous because my hair was to my bum and I was debating getting it all chopped off and having a colour done or not.

When we arrived I had decided I was going to go the whole hog and get a colour, cut and blow dry 🙂 I was feeling like I needed it.


I chose a lovely auburn/red for my hair and had a good amount chopped off my hair plus it restyled which was good. I was very impressed 🙂


I also thought it was matching my look for the day perfectly.


After K got her hair done we decided it was time to go get some lunch. At first we were going to get something simple like a subway or just go for a coffee but decide to treat ourselves some more and go to a wetherspoons restaurant 🙂

The best thing was is it was Tuesday steak day. We could get 2 steak dinners and a bottle of Hardy’s wine for £14.99. An absolute steal 🙂


I must say the food was lush and we had great fun together.


Plus her little boy and Baby had fun together too 🙂

After we finished. We agreed it would be best to follow the wine with a coffee. As we both had school runs to do and being slight tipsy in the school playground isn’t a good look. Even if we had been treated ourselves to lunch.

Once are coffees were gone we both got our stuff together and said our goodbyes because we were heading off in different directions to the schools.

It was a great and much needed day for both of us. We let off steam and had a giggle, while making ourselves feel more like us.

I hope we can do it again soon.
But next time we might get our nails done.

Nikki ❤

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