February Half Term

For most of us the last week has been half term.

While I do love normally love school holiday, I completely despise them over winter. The weather is crap, the kids don’t want to play out cause it’s cold and quite frankly I can’t blame them. I know most winter days I would much rather curl up in my pj’s in the warm.

For us our half term has been spent going on days out or playing at home in tents and doing arts and crafts when the weather was bad.

You see instead of telling you about our half term in 1 post, I planned to tell you about all the stuff we got up over multiple posts. I was going to tell you about the day I met up with my sister and we took the large brood of kids to the Media Museum in Bradford. It was a fun day but because they had a Shaun the Sheep exhibit on the place was completely packed and we didn’t really get chance to enjoy it or do everything they had to going on. It was completely manic and with 2 pram and 9 kids you can imagine how much fun was to be had. We did manage some but I wasn’t able to get many photos. The kids loved it though, especially E.

By the time Saturday had rolled around I realised the kids hadn’t really played out. Of course we had been out and about to museums, play areas etc but they hadn’t gone outside to play except for a bout 5 minutes, when they ran through water fountain in
City Park on the way home from the Media Museum.

Because of this I was really happy when one of my mummy friends messaged to ask if I wanted to join her and kids for a walk to park and then down to local farms to see the animals.


The kids loved the park and I enjoyed watching them all play nicely. T really impressed me by being so grown up and helping the younger ones on the slide or pushing them on swings. It was amazing to see how grown up he was becoming.

We only stayed in the park for a short time because we wanted to go see the animals, plus I wanted to go an take some photos of the wild flowers and views for my #BWphotoproject and #MySundayPhoto. There really are some beautiful sights to see where I live and I got some great shots.


IMG_1783 although I wish I could have found and done more. But when you have kids running round that are wanting to explore, sometime you have to miss the taking picture to gain memories instead.

We carried on down the dirt road marching in a line, as the boys pretended to be soldiers and exploring their surroundings. We spent ages looking at the sheep and horses.


E was super excited saying “Just like Shaun the Sheep The Movie”. It’s funny how excited she gets about the movie, as we haven’t actually seen the film. I guess it going to have to go on the “must see list”.

After some fun and giggles we carried on down the path until we reached the level train crossing.
It’s one of my favourite places to walk with the kids because I get to talk to them about all sorts of things. Telling them about my adventures at the same spot as a child and explaining why you only cross when the light on green. Why you should always close the gates and why you should never play on the tracks.

Every time I take the kids to the crossing. We always stop and wait to see a train pass by.

Sometimes we would be stood there for quite a while just waiting and talking. But that doesn’t matter because as soon as the crossing light turns red and starts making a beeping sound to warn the a train is imminent. You can see the excitement that spreads across the kids faces as they giddily clamber up the gate and the furiously waving at the approaching train.
It’s like a modern day image from The Railway Children.

And this trip was no exception and the smiles lite up their little faces when the train eventually came along and sounded it’s horn as and the driver and some of the passengers waved back.

After wards we turned back and walked back towards the park. So the kids could enjoy some more time playing in the park.

It was a great afternoon that was filled with lots of fun, exploring and excitement. It was amazing adventure that has left me with some fond memories to keep me going, until we head out on our next expedition.

How did you spend you half term?

Nikki x

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What’s the story

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Trying to get out with the kids.

Over the Christmas half term holidays, I always plan for lots of indoor activities and (weather permitting) out door fun too.
But instead my family and I tend to become hermits, staying indoors watching films, playing games or doing arts and crafts.

This year though I didn’t want to be stuck indoors. I wanted to be out having fun, playing in the snow (before it melted) and getting some fresh air.
This didn’t really happen the first week of the holidays, though. Mainly because I was busy dashing off to do shopping, wrapping presents or recleaning my house for the 50th time, when the kids destroyed it.

This week though I have really made a real effort. I wanted to make sure that I got myself and the kids out of the house. (We were all going rather stir crazy)

It wasn’t planned and was just a last minute, spur of the moment. I decided to take my all kids to the park and let them run off their excess steam. (They were climbing the walls and I was really close to having a breakdown!)

So we just gathered ourself together and went off to the park, with a football. It was starting to lightly rain and the dark clouds were rolling in. I didn’t actually think we would make to park before we would turn back. Fortunately the rain held off and we made it to the park. (Even if it was bloody freezing) the ground was still covered in the last little bits is frozen snow and ice.

When we entered the park the kid ran off in every direction. The older kids went of in a sulk and find a make shift goal. (I wouldn’t let them go to the football field on their own because I couldn’t see them from the park. T didn’t like that because he “is old enough now!” Apprently)
I ignored his little moans of protest and went to go push Baby on the swings while E played on slide before joining us.

P and A gave up on the idea of football and decided instead to smash up the snow/ice, that was scattered the grass or the playground and the play on the big basket swing. This annoying T who was still in a sulk over not being able to play football on the field and he was verging on having a full meltdown. When I threatened to take us all home. He eventually came round quickly when I came up with the idea of a relay race around the park. (A few laps was sure to burn all that sulkiness out of him)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9ee/65683610/files/2015/01/img_6749.jpg He was thrilled when I got my phone out to start timing them all. They had a few races against each other and then T wanted me to time him by himself. A, was going to have a go too but changed her mind after 1 lap. E tried to keep up with the elder 2 (I didn’t time her though) and P just wanted to play.

So with cheers from me the kids ran and I timed their laps. At first T was going to do 4 but after his 2nd he said he could only do 1 more. He was very pleased with the result.

Once all the kids were done I decided it was time to go. I got a chorus of “Awwwww’s” when I told the kids but the street lights had started coming on and it was getting to cold for Baby to be staying out. So we went home.

The kids still had great fun and even though they didn’t play football and nothing was planned we still managed to eventually enjoy ourselves, get fresh air and burn off some stream.

Nikki x

country kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The weekend fun

After our week of sickness. I was eager to get out of the house with the kids and have some fun.

On Friday my friend came round with her girls (they were still on half term) and I decided to get the paddling pool out and put it up but found that the hubby had not put it away last year properly and the twist caps plugs that keep it blown up were missing.

oh no!

But with a little in genius thinking (and some Christmas bottle stoppers)

We managed to plug the values and keep the pool inflated. Then started the monstrous task of filling it. I don’t own a hose pipe (might add it to my Christmas list for Santa!) so I had to fill the mop bucket repeatedly and run backwards and forwards. Eventually it was full as much as I could be bothered enough! And the girls could finally get in and have fun.

Unfortunately my cleverness wasn’t a total victory because slowly over time the pool started to deflate. The girls had had enough by that point, so we took the pool down and just sun bathed and ate ice pops until the boys came home and then they play in garden.

On Saturday it was raining but we still had to go out because the boys had swimming lessons in the morning. On the way home we bumped into my friend and her girls on the bus and we went shopping round town and had something to eat.
The boys asked if we could stop off at the library before going home. I really didn’t want to after they had been running around the shops and seriously showing me up by making me have to raise my voice to get them to listen. I decided we could go though, because the weather was poor and I knew they would need something to do once we got home and because I didn’t want to dampen their enthusiasm for books and reading. It is something I have always tried to encourage with my kids.
They started to behave at the library that was when E decided she wanted to make a break for it (it is days like Saturday I wish I had more arms). The boys enjoyed choosing books and T even faced his fear and went to ask the librarian if they had the books he liked. (he was nervous and wanted me too do it but I encouraged him to use his manners and told him I was watching from a distance).
Once we finally got home it was peace.

20140609-140212-50532634.jpgThe boys sat readying their books and I got to enjoy a coffee while E coloured.

Sunday was a lazy day and the weather was lovely to start and I really didn’t want to waste the sun. I decided P, E, Baby and I would go a different park and feed some ducks.
I had read that you shouldn’t feed them bread as it’s not actually go for them. After a quick look on Google and a read later, I found that frozen peas (defrosted of course) and vegetable peeling or chopped up are good. So I sliced up some lettuce and added frozen peas (they defrosted on the walk).

and set off to have an adventure.

About 30 minutes later we made it to the park and the kids wanted to have a play.

20140609-141326-51206418.jpg the heat became too much for Baby though and she fell asleep

on the walk to the park and missed out on the fun.

While they had a run around burning off the pent up energy. I noticed the dark clouds starting to roll in. Threatening to rain on our adventure. We decided it was time to find the ducks and geese and feed them before the rain started. The kids looked so cute walking and running together.


When we got to the little pond, we were disappointed to find all the duck were gone and the water was empty 😦

We fed our mixture to the pigeons in the area and scattered some on grass in case any ducks came later on.
The kids still had fun and it got us out of the house for a while. I am hoping if we go again we can feed to ducks and maybe go buy some proper pellets.

Nikki ❤

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall