#Project365 – Week 6

Although this week has been a really busy week and I have spent most days out of the house doing one thing or another. Like meeting friends for coffee, doing courses at the local childrens centre and going to play groups with the girls while doing my Parent Champion work. I haven’t really taken my phone out to snap photos. Meaning most of the pictures this week have been taken in my house even if we haven’t been in it all that much.

Day 32

Here is a picture of me just messing about with a ribbon my kids kept playing with and fighting over. So to end the arguments I removed the ribbon and put it in my hair. I think it actually suits me. What about you?

Day 33

I know it’s a random photo of my nails. But over last week or so I have been really trying to have nice nails and I was really impressed with how they looked 🙂 they also managed to go 3 days without chipping. Result!

Day 34

Here is Baby attempting to walk with the aid of grandma. It was so cute but she really isn’t there yet. She be soon probably but for now I’m happy with her working on her standing and balance.

Day 35

Siblings. These too love to hate each other. They can be as thick as thieves one minute but the next P is annoying E and the screaming, fighting and bickering starts. E constantly say P is her best friend but then turns round and says she doesn’t like him. As you can see I managed to catch a nice moment.

Day 36

This picture was just meant to be a goof or a laugh because while I was cleaning Baby was doing round watching me. Every time I got close to her she would reach out for vacuum and so I thought I would let her have a go. She actually copied me. You can see video here

Day 37

P is proud as punch and so am I that he has managed to work hard and get his silver award in school. I’m a very proud mummy 🙂

Day 38

My kids all drawing some really thoughtful pictures or cards for a neighbours and friend. Who’s dog has sadly passed away 😢 RIP.

Here are the finished pictures.

How was your week?

Nikki x

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#Project365 – Week 1

I saw a lot of post about project 365 over last 9 months and I was really gutted that I wasn’t able to join in as I started blogging in March 2014. I really didn’t feel right starting it when others had the project well underway. So I waiting patiently and looked through everyone’s else’s posts and pictures.
Then when New Years came around I was thrilled that the project would be starting again and I could start with everyone else.

So here we go. These are my pictures from 1st – 4th January.

Day 1 – This picture was of my New Years Day nibbles once I got all kids to bed and was finally able to Breathe. It’s was a very difficult day.

Day 2 – Saying goodbye to the Christmas decorations for another year. They seemed pleased to be escaping the chaos.

Day 3 – The running joke between my hubby and myself is that I’m trying to ‘bump him off’ but this was a giggle to us because he said shame it’s and electric oven. He did do a good job cleaning it though.

Day 4 – Was a fun day out with Baby and kids on Day she turned 15 months old.

Here was my first week of the #project365. Hope you like them of found them funny 😃

Nikki x

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