Entertaining the Kids, thanks to Twinkl

I always stress out when the kids start their half term holidays, mainly because I am always at a loss at what to do to help keep all the kids entertained. Having the age range of 18 months to 10 years old doesn’t help either. This is because normally the activities I have planned for the older kids are too hard for E and baby to take part in and vice a versa.

That was until I told about the great website Twinkl  

 It is and amazing education resource site that can be use for home education or by teachers and parents that what to help their children learn and get the best they can out of education. The site is aimed at children under the age of 10 and is full of great ideas and activities for all children of all ages and levels of education and ability. 

I really enjoyed taking a look around the website to see everything it had to offer. I love the fact that it had resource for the EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, EAL and best of all SEN. Because it meant that I could look at and print off resource to help all my children (including Baby) with their education and that there were activities for older kids and print out flash cards to help Baby.   


I also enjoyed the new feature that means you can create your own learning resources on Twinkl create based around thinking you and your family enjoy or for any upcoming projects you may want to work on together.

There are 3 levels of subscription on the website, such as:

  • Free Membership – this allows you access to a majority of the resources 
  • Gold  Membership – this is the low cost high quality option and cost £29.95 a year
  • Platinum Membership – this allows you access to all the resources and cost £44.94 a year

Plus they have a forum in which you can talk to professionals or fellow parents and home educators to support each other and swap ideas as a community.

My boys were super excited when they saw all they even had a MineCraft activity and resource section and begged me to start printing them out!  


They were very eager to start building their own little MineCraft world. 

I was just happy with how easy it was to navigate throught such an brilliant site that has an abundance of ideas, activities and study aids that you are bound to find something to keep the whole family happy and also make learning a easier and more fun experience for everyone. 

And thanks to Twinkl I was able to make it through another half term with some happy and entertained children.

I really suggest you take a look and see for yourself just how great the site truly is.

Nikki x 


Disclaimer… For this review I was compensated with a Platinum Membership, but all opinions are my own.  

Chemist Direct Review

Over a week ago I wrote a post about Finding great deals at Chemist Direct where I told you all about a deal to get a 1/3 off La Roche-Posay and Vichy products. 

I indulged in some new pampering treats for myself from the Chemist Direct skincare range, that I told you about in the other post. As I was given a £50 voucher for this review, I also got myself a few other luxuries.

Such as

  • Aussie Luscious Long shampoo and conditioner 
  • Regener8, Dark circle eye recovery cream
  • Sudocrem


Finding all these different items was made really easy on the chemist direct website because of the easy drop down menu that has the different departments.  

Such as 

  • Online doctor
  • Prescriptions
  • Medicines
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Toiletries
  • Travel shop

And even

  • Pet Health

Which is great if your wanting to get more then just medicines, skincare and toiletries, like myself.


They even have a great clearance section where you can find amazing deals of up to 70% off and it’s free delivery on orders over £40.

I can say that the delivery time after ordering is super fast too because it arrived within 2 days of me completing my order. 

It’s a great website, with amazing products at prices and saving that will keep your purse happy 🙂

I would very much recommend this brilliant online service.

Nikki x 

Disclaimer… For this post I was compensated with a £50 discount voucher, but these choices and opinions are my own. 

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Finding great deals with Chemist Direct

Because yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed, I have spent most of today I have been feeling sorry for myself and my big swollen face 😦 

I know woe is me! 

So to perk myself up and get my self ready for spring I have been shopping online and looking for some great deals on beauty and cometics. Because once my face is back to its normal size and shape. I am going to start taking better care of it.

I was thrill when I came across Chemistdirect.co.uk and there 1/3 off Vichy and La Roche-Posay offer that is running though out March.

This great offer means that I could save 34% off the normal price of these beauty products and as an added bonus  I can renew my complexion the natural way.

Which is just what I need after the harsh winter weather (that has been going from one extreme to the next) battering my skin and now the swelling an bruise of my operation. I believe my skin is in serious need of TLC, but at a price that I can afford. ChemistDirect do just that and I found some great products that I quickly put in my online basket, such as:

Which has been marked down from £11.50 to £7.59. This cream unclogs pores with out drying out your skin and helps it to feel softer and my velvety, while leaving you with a radiant complexion.

I love exfoliant into my skin because of how smooth and clean it feels. Plus after the changes in the temputure of the freezing cold outdoors to the warmth of my house, my skin can be left feeling dried out and nasty. I am hoping this will help get it back to feeling nice again.

Effaclar duo + has been mark down from £15.50 to £10.23 meaning you save £5.27. This product is great as it contains 4 active ingredient that help get rid of blemishes on the skin, unclog your pores and can be used daily on sensitive skin to help prevent spots, leaving your skin clearer, smoother and more moisturised.

This is something I need because even at the age of 27, I suffer from ache and spots. It’s something that annoys me to no end and can be caused by the slightest thing such as the change in temperatures and season. Which means anytime not my senitive skin is probably going to break out and I want to be prepared.

This amazing product was suppose to cost £15.00 but instead is £9.90. It is specially formulated to help reduce the puffiness under your eyes and helps moisturise dehydrated line and bags. 

This is something I definatly need. As a mother to 4 and one of them being teething 17 month old who doesn’t like to sleep I need anything that can help reduce the bags under my eye as well as leave my skin feeling rehydrated and refreshed.

I must say finding these great items that are all in offer was great specially when it meant I was saving up to 34% off of my total as well as supply me with products I can use to help me feel and look great.

These are just 3 of the products I brought today. I also bought some more but I will save those for a further review of these products so you yourselves can see how I get on.

Nikki x 

Disclaimer… For this post I was compensated with a £50 discount voucher, but these choices and opinions are my own. 


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Play at Brewers Fayre at the Old Brickworks

I can not begin to explain how excited I was when I received and email offering me and my family a VIP invite to the Play at Brewers Fayre event at The Old Brickworks pub and restaurant in Drighlington, for the launch of their new Beano themed indoor play area.

The family at The Old Brickworks, Brewers Fayre.

The family at The Old Brickworks, Brewers Fayre.

What made it even better was the fact that it was the day before mine and the Hubby’s wedding anniversary. so it meant that we could all go out for a family meal while the kids had loads of fun in the new play area.
When we arrived Dennis was stood outside waiting to meet people and take photo. The kids were thrilled and even Baby was intrigued to see who this person knew person was, instead of crying like her brothers and sister did as babies.


004 007 008 005

The kids were blown away by the new play area and couldn’t wait to play and were itching to go explore all the new equipment. We had never been to the Brewers Fayre before so the whole experience was new to us. It was one I was excited to be taking part in.

The new area had all been designed with children in mind. There is a Toddler zone which is prefect for the little menace’s to have fun, a Treetop play house for the older one’s (height restrictions apply) and they even have a party room that has been named ‘The Den’. Which means that you can actually book the space out for your child’s birthday party. The play area is open every day from 9.30am – 8pm and its only cost £3 for 90 minutes of play. Plus you get to meet Dennis and Gnasher in person.

20150307_104821467_iOS 20150307_104839646_iOS 20150307_104912575_iOS 20150307_113148763_iOS 20150307_113339980_iOS 010 038 20150307_104649019_iOS

As you can see the kids loved it. The day was made extra special because there was an amazing lady that who was doing some beautiful face painting. Of course P and E were straight over to get their faces done. P wanted a dinosaur, where as E went for Frozen.

20150307_105912033_iOS 20150307_110009722_iOS 20150307_110815476_iOS 20150307_111050067_iOS

Once the kids had their fun, we decided that it was time to eat and went in the main restaurant to get our meal. I had order a chicken and bacon salad, whereas the hubby had chosen the Brewers Fayre burger. We both really enjoyed our meals and were extremely pleased. The kids ordered off the children’s menu, with P and E having The Big Bad Dog, while T and Baby had pasta meal such as Macaroni cheese and Spaghetti Beano-ese.
I only really managed to get a few picture of the food because everyone wolfed it down it was that tasty.

/140 144 20150307_115635010_iOS 20150307_115650624_iOS 20150307_115700350_iOS 20150307_115704147_iOS

The Hubby mentioned that he really loved the little extra added touch they added to the meal, such as the wrapper for the burger or how the hot dogs came in a little basket.
I was really impressed with the prices that you could get the meals. You could order off the children’s menu for £3.99 each and there is a Brewers Fayre Day Time Value offer where you can choose 2 adult main meals from a choice of 12 for just £10. Plus you can order 2 desserts for £2.(This is on weekdays only)

Brewers Fayre doesn’t just have an indoor play area though they also have an outdoor play area. For those lovely summer days when you want to let your kids run free and play while you enjoy a cheeky pint or glass of wine.

20150307_121642479_iOS 20150307_121911001_iOS
It is safe to say that we had a really great time (I think the amount of photos I took shows that) and the Hubby was already arranging our next visit before we had even left. He has loads of ideas about use having the kids parties there too. I guess we will have to see what happens, but I know I would be more than happy go to Brewers Fayre for lunch again.

I would really recommend!

Nikki x

Disclaimer… I was not paid for this review, however we were given a complimentary meal in exchange for my honest opinion.

Papaya Gold Paw Paw moisturising balm

Papaya Gold is an brand that makes an amazing Paw Paw papaya moisturising  balm, in Australia. 

The balm contains caricature papaya (Paw Paw) fruit extract and is enriched with bio active manuka honey 20+, as well as containing petrolatum, potassium sorbate and bees wax.

It is a tropical balm that can be used to moisturises, soothe and relieve a range of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is also suitable a treatment for:

  • Dry chapped lips
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • Sunburn
  • Cuts and grazes
  • Nappy rash and chafing
  • Insect bites
  • Splinters and thorns

It is also safe to use on children. This is all due to the manuka honey 20+, which has been dubbed the “miracle” honey because of its anti inflammatory properties as well as it being antibacterial, antiviral and loads more.

The balm can help with healing of burns and cuts because it contains a enzyme that reduce inflammation. 

I wasn’t sure if this would be actually true but I was extreme impressed when I used it on my hands, lips an on the gazes and cuts I have on my hand and on my leg. It actually works. I have found that my cuts have been healing really well and aren’t as sore since I started using Paw Paw. 

The bright red tube is small enough to fit in my makeup bag or hand bag, which is great because  you can have it on you for when ever you might need it. The constrast on the White labelling against the red really makes it stand out and noticeable for customers.

The balm isn’t really scented which is good because I can’t stand moisturiser that has a strong over powering scent. It come out of the tube a soft yellow waxy gel. It spreads out evenly and a small amount can go a long way.

I will say that it does take a while for the balm to be fully absorbed into the skin and you can be left with a slight greasy feel to the skin. But soon as I has you can feel the benefits. All the dry skin on my lips was gone and the dry cracked skin around my nails was healing faster as well.

I have been using this balm for over a week and my hand feel lovely and soft, my lips are no longer dry and the graze I had on my leg is healing nicely. 

I would definatly recommend this balm and its a steal at £5.99, you can order 2 for £10 on there website and it can also be found stocked at Tescos, Superdrug, Boots and many more. 

They can also be found on social media such as FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Go take a look.

Nikki x

Disclaimer… I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion.

BakerDays Letterbox Mother’s Day Cake

As Mother’s Day approaches my excitement has been growing, because it’s a day that I get a lie in (I know your thinking the same as me “what’s a lie in?”) and get to chill out. 

I love Mother’s Day because it is a day that my kids tend to be a little extra attentive. They try their best to be nice and repeatedly tell me I’m the best mum ever. (What mum doesn’t like hearing that)

This excitement was given a boast when I was asked if I would review a Mother’s Day letterbox cake from BakerDays, because it meant the start of my Mother’s Day celebrations and I got to eat cake! 

I completely loved going through there amazing site and looking at all the yummy looking personalised cakes that you can design yourself and make order in a range of sizes.

  • Cupcake (1 portion)
  • Letterbox 5″ (4 portions)
  • Small 7″ (10-12 portions)
  • Medium 9″ (18-25 portions)
  • Large 12″ (40-55 portions)

(Plus with every large cake you get a Free helium balloon)

The day the cake actually arrived, I was so giddy. I couldn’t wait to open the box and devour some cake. This urge was enhanced even more by the delicious that smell wafted in my face as I lifted the lid of the box and I was greeted by the most adorable looking cake tin.

I have to say I was completely blown away by the cake tin. It just added that little extra touch of quality and made the whole thing feel really special. 

I had a quick sneaky look inside and took some snaps before the kids managed to see it (Once they saw cake, the constant nattering asking for a piece would start). Luckily I managed to get some great shots before I put the tin away and save the cake for a sweet treat after our tea.  

When I was first looked at the site I was a little unsure of the cake sizes as I didn’t think the letterbox cake would give us 4 pieces like it’s said but I was pleasantly surprised when I had the cake in front of me because it was bigger then I thought. I knew I would be able to cut it up and the whole family would be able to have a piece. 

I was absolutely smitten with the design of the cake and how clear the writing on it was. I going to personalise it more and add my childrens names when I ordered but I wasn’t sure they would all fit on the cake and even though it was bigger then expected I still don’t think it would of looked right with all 4 kids names on. So I was happy to have to original design that it still as felt really meaningful.

I really liked the fact that the icing went all the way to the edge of the cake board and wasn’t only on the cake. It made the design look great.

When it came to cutting into the cake the favour was a complete surprise for me as I didn’t read the site properly and completely missed the fact that they have 6 different types of cakes available,

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
  • Half & Half (vanilla, chocolate, vanilla)
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

Which is great if there are certain cake flavours you don’t like or if your allergic or intolerant to certain ingredients. I personally can’t stand fruit cake and I was praying that wasn’t want I was going to find. So as I made my first cut I was holding my breathe.

It was a major relief when I found out it was a mouth watering vanilla sponge.

I was a little gutted that it was just 1 layer instead of being split in to 2 and filled with icing or cream, but I guess that would affect how long it would stay fresh for and how well it would travel. 

And when your sending a cake out in the post you want it to turn up looking great, not battered, smeared or worse, going off.

That being the case it’s a good job these cakes are designed to stay fresh for up to 14 days and are sent out in that amazing tin to keep them well protected and in one piece.

The kids completely loved the cake and thought it was delicious

and Baby dove right in, without a second though.

I waited until the brood were in bed before I relaxed and tried mine (with a nice cup of coffee of course!) I was really pleased with how yummy it was, even if I did find the icing a little much but then I never really been a lover of icing.

Even though I didn’t love the icing I am already planning my next cake and leaving hints at the Hubby for my birthday (which is in next few months) because I am that pleased with the cake and would love a personalised birthday cake from him and kids.

The Letterbox cakes retail at £14.99 and can be delivered 7 days a week (If you order a week in advance you get Free delivery!) and all designs can fit all cake sizes.

BakerDays can be found on multiple social media channels too such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more. 

So if you thinking of buying you mum something special for Mother’s Day and your not sure what to get. Try a lovely cake that’s a little bit different, really great quality and is personalised to give it that extra amazing touch. I promise she will love it.

Nikki x 


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

Weekend box review

Being a mum of four, I struggle to find fun, exciting and age appropriate activities to keep every one of my kids happy.
Also while T and P have scouts and swimming lessons, poor baby and E have no real after school activities or weekend clubs. This means I am left with a bored 3 year old who is dying to take part and join in with her brothers. (Baby is happy as long as we play peekaboo or sing nursery rhymes)

That’s why when I got the chance to sign up and review the Weekend Box from the WeekendBoxClub, I knew instantly that E and P would love it.

The Weekend Box is a box of educational and fun activities that help teach children in the process.
It is aimed at children aged between 3-6 years of age, and were created by a uncle that want to give his niece and nephew a fun, educational gift that would keep them engaged while teach them about the world around them.

Our box was themed around Aztecs

Because the box had a theme it made the whole experience more fun and I was able to teach my kids some history with out them actually realising. I did this by simply explaining who the Aztecs were and where they originated from as we did the activities.

The box was filled with 4 activities that all had there own little fact sheet explaining what to do, as well as some fun facts and tips.
With each activity sheet you were give a list of what you would need, such as scissors, glue and card etc.
The great thing about the Weekend Box is that most of the materials you need are sent in little packages that are box labeled and colour code to match the activity sheet. (This made my life so easy, even if it did mean the kids wanted to open them all and mixed them all together!)


Luckily I was able to keep their excitement at bay with the promise of Aztec hot chocolate (one of the activities) when we finished our first lot of activities.
On each information sheet there was a difficulty rating that was indicated by the number of stars. I gave E all the easy activities to do as she was younger and P tackled the more difficult ones.
Both kids loved it and got straight stuck in to what they had to do.


E made the Aztec parrots, While P made the Aztec prints.
I was really impressed with the fact that we were sent the materials for each activity and amazed by all the fun ideas.

We were sent everything except the glue and scissors. For the Aztec prints and parrots the information sheet stated you could use card or empty toilet rolls but if those weren’t available you could you the weekend box itself, because it all made of card and is 100% recyclable.

I really loved this fact and we tested it out with the prints. (I went for easy option of toilet rolls for parrots)
It stated how long each activity would take and the first ones said about an hour. For use they took much longer because we had to wait for glue and paint to dry before we could carry on with the next step.

Even though it took longer then it was meant to though it was still fun and the kids were easily entertained with colouring in the certificate that they were sent once they completed their box.

After we had left things to dry and had finished our colouring E’s parrots was ready to finish. Sadly P’s glue on his print was still really wet and we had to finish it the next day.
He was fine with it though

The next day he got on with finishing his prints and attempting to do his second task of making a coaster. While E and I made the Aztec hot chocolate.

I was given the instructions and told what ingredients I would need. E had great fun smashing the chocolate and adding all the spices we were sent. It smelled lovely and I really wanted to try it but apparently it was far too tasty to let mum or dad have any and the kids drank it all.


The only bad but happened when P finished his print and tried to do his Aztec coaster task.
This task had a 4 start difficulty rating and P got frustrated because the foam wouldn’t cut into the shapes he wanted he got annoyed and gave up. Then he proceeded to pull the foam into little pieces and stick them everywhere but the card that was provided.
This meant we didn’t finish the task and I wasn’t able to get any photos.

Even though P had got like this, I don’t believe it had anything to do with the Weekend Box and had more to do with the fact, that he and his big brother had been keeping each other up late the night before and he tired, irritable and really wanted his hot chocolate.

I would totally really recommend the Weekend Box and I am planning on ordering more in the future because the kids , especially E really enjoyed it. Even if we did only manage to complete 3 of the 4 tasks properly.

With this review I was given a promo code so that if any of my readers wanted to they could order their first WeekendBox for FREE.

Just use the code NICOLA184
*(this is for new customers only and just one free box is allowed per household)

I really hope you take a look and order your free box. So you can see how amazing they are for yourself.

Nikki x


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

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Booking a holiday with Snaptrip

Like many of us at this time of year my family and I are ready for a holiday or we are looking into planning one for later on. Unfortunately we don’t always have the funds to pay for a holiday when we find a good one.

That’s why I was so impressed when I found a last minute cottage on Snaptrip!

It is a great website that is full of great deals of last minute cottages across Great Britain.

IMG_1606 The website looks great specially to say it’s still really new and was only went live in May 2014 and so far has over 14,000 properties and are hoping by summer of this year that number will increase to 35,000. Which is great because it means there will always be cottages available when someone is looking for a last minute deal.

This is easy to see when you look at the map on there website. Thousands of little orange pinpoints come up and the top 24 deals and cottages stand out because they are marked with letters and then listed underneath.
This made looking through the cottages easy and quite enjoyable.
I loved dreaming of packing up the family and going to stay at some of the most beautiful and amazing locations across the UK.
Unfortunately we don’t drive and would have to travel by train or coach to get to our break away. So thinking sensibly I looked closer to home.

The filter section was great because I was able to find some beautiful looking cottages that would fit our needs. Like being baby friendly and of course having wifi and enough beds for us all to sleep in.

After looking through the them all I was finally able to find a great looking place. So I clicked the more details button and was taken the the properties individual page.


I loved this because it was filled with information describing the layout of the rooms, floor plans and what was included in the rent. Such as bedding, and if cots are available or if pets are welcome.


At the bottom of the page there is a great section telling you how far away all the local amenities are. I found this extremely helpful in planning activities that the family and I could do together.


I was really excited about this and I am really hoping to twist the hubby’s arm into us having a little family get away soon. Specially now that my step daughter A isn’t able to come in our first aboard holiday we have booked at this year.

for my reader though I have a discount code of £25 if you book a last minute cottage get away and quote NIKKI2015 on the booking form.

I hope you enjoy

Nikki x


I was compensated for this review. I was given a discount on a booking for my honest opinion, which is my own.

Kid safe iPad mini case from CaseHappy

When I was given the opportunity to review a case from CaseHappy.co.uk. I was super thrilled and excited to have a look at all the different cases they have available of their site.

I was given a choice to what case I wanted to review as they do cases and covers for iPhones, iPads, tablets and laptops. The company told me I could choose any case I wanted to the limit of £25.

After looking through the site, which I will say was really easy to work my way around. I found a couple of cases I really liked.

1. iPhone 5/5s shockproof case cover, range of colours £8.99
2. iPad mini retro case, range of styles £19.95
3. iPad mini lente designs fabric cover, 3 styles £24.95
4. iPad mini shock resistant bumper back cover, range of colours £14.99
5. iPad mini kids children cover case, pink or blue £24.99

I was really torn between the different case is could choose and which would be best for me and my family. I thought it would be better to choose a case that could with stand my kids over one I liked the look of.
So I was torn between the shock resistant bumper back case and the children’s cover case, because the range of different colours in the bumper back cases but I really loved the style and look of the children’s case.
I eventually decided to go with the children’s cover case in pink (of course it’s my favourite colour) and because it was probably the best option to deal with the onslaught of rough handling my kids put my iPad through.
So I emailed the company and they told me they were happy to send me the case.

The case arrived within a couple of days and I was so happy when I opened the package because it was true to colour and it was bright and pink.
At first glance the case wasn’t what I thought It would be made from, I was expecting rubber but instead it was type of thick foam and a plastic sheet protector.

I was a little worried that I might break it when I tried to put my iPad into it. The case just seemed rather flimsy and not like it would be able to withstand my children but instead be in bits in a matter of minutes.


As I had to give it a proper review though I followed the instructions on how to get attach the plastic screen protector and then I slide in my iPad mini. Is was a very tight fit.

This can be both a good and a bad aspect:

Bad – It can be difficult to squeeze your iPad into case and you than have to pull the edge of the case over the end of your iPad. If you pulled too hard I do believe the case would break. (I didn’t test this out)

Good – Your iPad won’t fall out of the case and is held very snuggly once it is fitted in the case. This means it will be protected if it is dropped. (I did test this)

Once I had the case and iPad fitted properly, I felt a lot more comfortable with the case and the screen. Even if I did still end up with bubbles under the screen protector. It always happens so matter how hard I try to prevent it.

I decided to explore my new case. I love the little flap that you have to pull out to put the charger in the bottom. This stops little sticky fingers from putting thing inside the charger port. I loved the fact that it has a foam centre button at bottom of iPad and that the volume controls are easily accessible.
I think the different positions you can stand the iPad up is great. I have loved using it to watch netflixs while I cook tea and the kids have loved having a handle to hold while they play.


Over all this case has loads of good points and only a few bad

1) At first glaze it looked flimsy it has held up well and it still intact. It’s doesn’t even have a dint, mark or scratch on it……yet! But given time my kids probably would manage it.

2) The case holds the iPad securely even if it is a bit difficult and a squeeze to get the tablet in.

3) The positions the case can be stood, placed and held are really good and helpful for little hands.

4) The case has a flap to stop sticky fingers from inserting things in charge port.

5) Easily accessible volume controls.

6) Looks good and is a bright and colourful.

My kids love the case and I would recommend it because at the price of £24.99 it is really cheap and value for money.

Do you need a child proof iPad mini case because this one is great.

Nikki x


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

Pretty Bijous Earring Review

When I first read the opportunity to review this jewellery. I was almost ready to look past it and try to find another but then i clicked on the link to the Pretty Bijous Etsy shop. It was there that i saw all the lovely, one of a kind jewellery.

I was amazed at all the colours, styles and shapes of the jewellery. It can most definitely be called statement jewellery.


As I looked through the photos of all the handcrafted earrings, necklaces and rings. I fell in love with the different colours.

There are 4 different collections to choose from:

  • Ocean Breeze
  • Tribal
  • Mystique
  • Tutti Frutti

Not all of the collections or jewellery were to my taste but I really loved the Tribal collection. I found the Tutti Frutti was a little to loud for me but still really beautiful. Specially for people who like bright, colourful and unique accessories.

When the lovely creator emailed me back saying she was happy to send me some of her jewellery to review. I was more excited than a child waiting for christmas morning because I didn’t know what style she had sent me and if they the jewellery would actually suit me. This worry was a little bit more intensified when I opened the earing box, because at first glance I wasnt sure the earring I was sent would suit me or anything I owned.


It was a silly little worry that I soon put to the back of my mind when I put the earrings on. They looked great and were so comfy to wear. I wasnt sure they would be from the picture because of how big they are and the fact that they are made from polymer clay that is then varnished in a satin glaze to make them glossy and shiny. They felt no different to wearing most other dangling earrings. They are finished off with a nickel-free silver plated jump rings and fish hooks earring wire, making them look and feel great when you’re wearing them.

I was desperate to wear them out and get people’s opinions. I asked all my friends and of course my hubby and they all thought they looked great. Baby was very interested in them and kept trying to grab or pull them, so I don’t advise wearing them around young children/babies but they wear prefect for any other time.


They went great with almost all my outfits and could be worn during the day and easily transitioned to the night life look.

I have now fallen in love with these earring and I am trying to persuade my hubby in to buying me some more jewellery from her collection for Christmas. (HINT, HINT Andy!) So far though he hasn’t looked into it.

The prices are really reasonable ranging from £10.55 – £15.55 depending on what items you choose. Plus the readers of my blog can get and extra 15% discount if they order before the 28th December 2014 using the discount code BIJOUS15OFF.

Which is great if you want a little present for a friend, family member or your wife. I would recommend this line of jewellery. its one of a kind and beautifully made that makes the wearer feel just as unique and stunning.

They also have groups on social media and you would be able to find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

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