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It’s Saturday morning before 7 am and I am awake. My body protests at the injustice of this act, as I drag myself out if bed. It’s then that I remind myself that I can’t complain because got an extra hour sleep today, as we normally have to get up at 6 am to all be fed and ready to make the bus for boys swimming lessons. But today grandma is driving them in her car. So I got one of those ever illusive sleep in’s(if you can call 7 am a sleep in)

I scurry into the boys room as quite as my creaky house will let me. As the girls are still happily in the land of nod and I want to see if I could push my luck and maybe be able to get and extra 30 minutes, once the boys have left.

They yawn and moan as they wake up. I shhhhhhh them as politely as I can because I don’t want to fall at first hurdle.
T makes his feeling well known about having to get up but actually does it very quietly.
We make are way down the stairs. The floor boards groan and squeak, almost tauntingly as we descend. (have you noticed every sound becomes louder if it’s before 8am?)
Once downstairs I stop to see if I hear the little pitter, patter of E’s feet or the mumble of baby protesting she is awake.


I breath a sigh of release. We made it past the first hurdle.
The boys sleepy curl up on the sofa enquiring about breakfast and rubbing their eyes. They let out a chorus of cheers when I tell them it’s Belvita breakfast biscuit.
This is because the biscuits slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours (prefect for swimming lessons). The kids love them because they taste great (specially the new hazelnut or chocolate chip flavours) and best of all they come in individual packages meaning the boys, can take them and some fruit with them.

That’s when the game moves up a level as the endless nattering a of

“I can’t find this or I don’t have that”

came into play.
I rushed around my minefield of a house searching for the hidden and missing items of clothing (I am sure this is what the draws in their bedroom are for). Soon the boys are dressed and their bags are packed and I still have 10 minutes to spare.
So I stand in my kitchen deciding whether or not to make myself a coffee or tea to enjoy my breakfast biscuit with (chocolate chip of course).

It’s then that I notice the chill in the air and think maybe I should just click the heating on for 5 minutes to let the house warm up.
No sooner had the boiler fired up that I realised that my radiators where full of dry washing that needed folding away. But I couldn’t waste this one blast of heat I had allowed myself. So I rush round emptying and refilling the radiators. Attempting to make the smallest dent in my mountains of washing.

After I finish placing the last item my phone buzzes to life with I text saying grandma is on her way. The boys grab their things and rush to the door as I again shhhhhhh along behind them. P runs to the car as I stand waving goodbye and T pulls the door closed behind him.


I freeze to my spot thinking the whole thing is over. That had to have woken the girls.

I stand listening for a sign they’re awake. After a minute I realise my luck is still going strong. I decide to forget my brew and breakfast biscuit and instead opting to lock the door and sneak back up to my room.
I do this with the stealth of a teenager coming in late from a night out and not wanting wake her parents.

I quickly make it to my room but here comes the tricky part. Can I make it from my door to my bed without waking baby?
On my tiptoes I glide across the room holding my breath as baby readjust her position. Sure my luck had run out and the whole thing was over. But with a little yawn and the cutest sound ever she snuggles her teddy and goes back to sleep.

With one more step and I have made it to my bed! I quickly pull the covers over myself and breath. The feeling of triumph is amazing but I can’t celebrate and sleep. So I make a quick plan to treat my success with a yummy breakfast, when I wake up.

I curl back down and relax under my quilt still able to feel the lingering warmth of the nights sleep.

This morning is a major #MorningWin and I have managed to do the unthinkable and get back to bed for a morning nap! My breakfast treat can wait. Sweet dreams all!


Nikki ❤