The school morning juggle

This morning has been a hectic one.

Firstly I woke up late then T decides to remind me, at 8am that he needs trackie bottoms for a PE trip today! ~argh~
After a quick saviour phone call to grandma to see if she had some I managed to get all the breakfast ready and E dressed for school.
I left P to his own devices thinking he would manage to get himself ready.
~This was my second mistake~
I walked in to find him with wellies on and his jumper backwards.
This is a common sight in my house.
No matter how much I try to teach P to dress himself he always want to have his own “style” but unfortunately the school don’t agree with his style. I regularly get comments about how he is dressed inappropriately or how his shoes are on wrong feet and jumper on backwards etc.

After telling him numerous times to sort out his jumper and change his shoes. P begrudgingly did as I asked.
By this point T had worked himself into a right state over his trackie bottoms.
(grandma was still searching her house for them)
I had then asked him to get dress and wait to see what happens. (if all else failed I was going to send him with some PJ bottoms that looked like jogging pants

As his temper and melt down hit fever pitch, he stormed into living room to start getting his uniform on but then started shouting at his siblings because they were in the living room “watching” him get dressed.
He got really upset, when I tried to explain that he could easily go get changed in one of the 4 empty rooms upstairs.

That wasn’t good enough though. He stamped up the stairs grumbling and muttering under his breath (probably cursing me)
Luckily the time away gave him chance to calm down and eventually realise we weren’t try to be mean to him and he was being unreasonable.

Just then grandma arrived at the house carrying some Nike jogging bottom that were a size too big. That didn’t matter though because we managed to adjust them and make it all work.

I was so glad once he had calmed down and his anger defused because we were able to get out the door and to school on time without anymore meltdowns.

It was on the way to school I noticed P had sneaked his body warmer out with him instead of his coat. But we were already half way to school and even though I knew school wouldn’t approved we would be late if we went back and I forced him to change into something more “school acceptable” so I decided to just let it go and not have another argument.

Also it was E’s first full morning at nursery. She had done a few warm up sessions at the end of last week but today was her first time there for longer then an hour. (I think I was more nervous then her)
We walked in and she was great at first. She trundled off to sand pit as I hung up her things and talked to her teacher about who would be collecting her.

It was when I tried to say goodbye that she clung to my leg asking me to stay. (she wanted me to play in sand with her)
I explained I was just going home for some breakfast (I hadn’t managed to eat yet due to melt down) and a coffee then I I would be back to pick her up.

She was having none of it at first and really didn’t want me to leave. I could feel myself wavering just as her teacher came back again and started to talk to her about painting, snack time and of course Frozen! Soon as she mentioned Elsa. E let go of my leg and waved goodbye. I was shocked but decides to make a hasty exit in case she changed her mind. (I would call in an hour to see how she was doing)

You can not imagine the amazing feeling I felt as the stress melted away on the walk home.
I was able to breath a sigh of relief because I had managed to defuse a meltdown, get all kids up, fed and almost completely dressed suitably for school. While keeping E settled and excited for school.

I knew I had earned my coffee and breakfast when I got home!

Nikki ❤


I am going to use this post to be part of both The Prompt and word of the week.

I didn’t plan to be able to combine both Linky’s into one post but this week has been challenging for me because but not for all negative reasons.

I’ll start with the negative first though because I like ending on a positive note.

This week started just like any other except all the kids have been bored, irritated and pushing each other’s buttons. It has been almost constant bickering that I have tried ever so hard to prevent and split up with activities. I have tried colouring, baking, board games and I even received the change for life 10 minute shake it up Disney cards. I let them all choose one card each to do and set up that game in the garden. They did make friends and play nicely (for like 5 minutes) before they were bickering again.
I have found it so difficult thought because my hubby has been working a horrid shift were I have had the kids most of the time and I’m tired.

At start of the week Baby started being very fussy and was covered in a rash from head to foot. Fearing it was chicken pox or something spreadable I refused to leave the house until we had seen a doctor because what of we came in contact with a pregnant woman. By Wednesday I finally got her an appointment to be seen (which wasn’t much help). The doctor had been having that trouble some morning so he was running late (by an hour) so I was sat in the waiting room with a tried and agitated Baby (never a good mix). All she did was scream, shout, pull my hair and claw at my face. To say the least I was very stressed my self by time I saw the doctor who couldn’t give me a proper diagnosis because he thought it was either a viral rash or an allergic reaction. She was give some antihistamine and sent on our way. By that point it had started to rain too and we had walked to the doctors. So it was safe to say I got very wet and once I got home it was my hubby’s turn to go to work.

Later on that night I decided to make a lovely roast pork dinner with crackling for me and kids (it was a big mistake). The food was lovely but I unfortunately broke a wisdom tooth when eating some of the crackling. The next morning phone my dentist and booked and appointment but it’s not for over a week because by that point my tooth didn’t hurt. By that night though the twinging pain had started, so rest of the week i have been in pain and trying the entertain the kids best I can but it’s not easy with it raining plus I’m not feeling like my usual self.

I am hoping today to be able to move past the pain (painkillers but I’m only allowed certain ones while breastfeeding and cold compresses) and go out to do something with kids.

There have been some positive challenges this week because I have been part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge. Where I have to blog every day to prompts that Emma made up and we link up on her blog. I am on Day 9 at moment so far and I have really enjoyed doing it. It has taken me out of my little blogging comfort zone.

Anyway that’s my week. The bad, the good and the painful.

Nikki ❤

word of the week

The Reading Residence

The Prompt



I have been sitting trying to think about my word for this weeks word of the week and It has been rather tricky to come up with on.

See this week has been a bit of a mixed one. I have been feeling really low in myself and I don’t know why. My hubby has been great though and has been trying his very best to support me and help look after kids but I have still been left feeling very over whelmed and like I want to cry.

I am hoping it’s just because I am in need of a serious holiday. Luckily we have one booked at Haven very soon.
That’s why at start of week I dug out the suitcases and I have been on a mad hunt for all the kids nice clothes, swim suits and shoes. I have got all the new clothes that I have been hiding in my wardrobe are finally been removed. I will admit as the days decrease in the the count down I do get little flurries of excitement but they don’t last and I am left with the feeling like I still have so much to do and clothes to buy.

Money has also been a stress this week for me because I have gone over my budget repeatedly and I am left wondering how I’m going to make a great holiday. I have sacrificed my driving lessons again this month because I want to make sure we have enough to make this holiday and amazing one that my kids will remember forever.

Add to that the hospital appointments we have had this week. Baby had her first audiology appointment since birth to check her hearing today. She did really well and was able to hear and turn to all the high pitch sounds which is great. She has got a build up of fluid behind her ear drum in both ears (aka glue ear) which is common in people with Down’s syndrome. They are going to monitor her over next few appointments and then decide were to go from there. She may need earring aids, so she doesn’t need fall behind too much with her speech. Will know more in 8 weeks.

P has to give blood tomorrow because the doctor wants to test for anaemia because I and school have both noticed that he is eating loads and keeps eating things he shouldn’t. Such as plastic, rubbers, loom bands, paper clips and he even snuck a tech deck screw driver into school and was caught chewing it. I am a bit sceptical of the results because I honestly don’t think he has anaemia but I also really hope it is just that simple because it don’t know how many more medical things I can handle.

Baby hasn’t been well since last week with a barking cough over the weekend. On Sunday night was the worst though and I barely slept because she kept making a gasping noise but when I checked her she was fine. On Monday morning I rang the doctors at 8 am to get an appointment. It took over a 100 redials on my phone until nearly 9am to get through and when I told the receptionist the problem she told me the closest appointment was 3.30pm. I was annoyed but I accepted it. At least it meant I didn’t have to miss the boys sports day.

They did so well T got 2 3rds places and P got 2 2nds places. #superproudmummy
Anyway after I took Baby to doctors it turned out she has a chest infection add that to her teething and I have had a super grumpy baby to deal with all week.

This week has had it’s good points though. The boys sports day was fun, I even took part in the parents 3legged race. (we came last)

and Baby as finally started to attempt to sit by herself

20140710-223506-81306144.jpgand is getting about rolling and pulling herself along even more then before 🙂

It’s also looking like next week is going to be very smiler to this week with the amount of hospital appointments, packing and cleaning that needs doing.

But this week has been mixed, stressful, tiring and tricky!

My word this week is TRICKY!

Nikki ❤

word of the week

The Reading Residence


This post is for the linky word of the week which I try to be apart of regularly.

My word this week is Hectic!


I have just being rush off my feet all week and have wished that I could split myself in 2 so I could do everything I needed to do.

It’s been so crazy with a hospital appointment for Baby. It was just a routine check up with her child development centre consultant to see how she is doing and majestic referrals if they are needed. She was weighed and measured. Her weight has gone up to 15lbs 13oz and she is trending along her 91st centile line in height. This helped take some of the stress off my mind because her weight had recently started to drop from the 50th centile to the 25th and although her health visitor didn’t seem worried, she knew I was seeing her consultant this week and they would check it too and go from there. Luckily they were happy with her and said she is dong great. Although she us extremely double jointed and flexible. Which they believed might hinder her with learning to sit, crawl and walk but they are sure she will do it soon.

On top of that I have been running around try to get my house cleaned an sorted (it looks the same even after all work I done). I wanted to get on top of the washing pile that just seems to multiply in the night and never seems to any smaller. It’s actually very irritating how quickly my house looks messing after I spent so long cleaning and sorting.

Then there is the stuff the boys have been getting up! P has just been constant with his nattering for food so much so I was called into school because he was lying about how much he has been eating. Also 2 days this week I have had a phone call off the headmistress for things T has been getting up to. I swear that boy waits until I have a busy week and decide he wants to act up. Then there are the meltdowns we have had tonight all because I ask both boys to clean their rooms which lead to T losing his rag and trashing the room and been left to clean it himself.

We did manage to have some family fun though this week. It was my hubby’s birthday on Thursday.

So kids and I tried to make it as special as we could 🙂



I will say though I’m glad this school week is over and The weekend is here. I can’t wait until summer holidays start. We have our holiday booked and I for one am in serious need of some time away.

Nikki ❤

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Just one of those days.

Being a mother is hard, it’s long hours, hardly any sleep, you have to be mum, nurse, cleaner and teacher. It is a 24/7 job and you don’t get paid. The only bonuses are the dazzling smiles on your kids faces, the warmness of their embraces has they hold tight to your leg and that brief moment in time where you can bask in their love before you turn into an embarrassment.


But some days those bonuses just aren’t enough and your left with the weight of the world resting on you and the feeling of pure exhaustion while you fight to get everything done before the next day begin.

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids with every fibre of myself but sometime a woman just needs a break and today has just been one of those days.

It started with my alarm not going off an both my husband and I waking up at 7.40am thinking it was Sunday.

We Wish!

Nope sadly it’s Monday morning and the kids haven’t woken us up and neither did our alarm. So we were running 40 minutes late. Luckily the clean school uniforms where put on the radiator the night before. Unfortunately they were still wet.


After a quick stint in dryer the clothes are done and the kids go off to school but not before I have had to break up 1 argument, changed 2 nappies and breastfeed my daughter. Who is too busy smiling up at me to eat and keeps getting put off by the noise her sibling are making.

Most of my morning was pretty enjoyable. Had friends round for coffee, made plans for the rest of week for play groups and areas. Then in the afternoon we went to a great down syndrome play group with sunshine & smiles in Leeds.


It was upon leaving the fun of the afternoon that things started to go wrong.
First being my husband sleeping in from his nap before work tonight and us having to completely rearrange our plans to cover the 2 school runs to pick up my boys and stepdaughter. So after the stress and a last minute dash all is right again.

or so I thought!

We only forgot P’s optician appointment which was at 3.30pm and we didn’t remember until 3.50. Another mad dash and more rearranging.

I come home to yet more surprises, arguments and again me having to sort though an rearrange my plans to accommodate everyone else.

Then it was tea time, we finally sat and ate but E had other ideas an thought her toy box was more fun. The battle to get her to sit and eat again had begun.
Next Ivy decided that she wanted to join in the fun spitting out every spoonful I feed her.
E never actually did finish her tea before it was time for her to go to bed.

So once she was in bed, as if on cue the older kids start nagging about their TV or Xbox or DS time. We come to an agreement an they slowly start filing off to bed at their usual bed times but as I try to put T and my stepdaughter down I find P and E still awake.

sometime I hate daylight savings

What is is about the clocks changing that always messes with the kids sleeping patterns.

After a shuffle around and T sleeping in my bed I finally get chance to chill but I am left feeling emotional beaten, physically drained and alone as my husband left for work after E was in bed.

I just keep reminding myself tomorrow is a new day and after some decent sleep I will be my happy go lucky mum again but today has beaten me.

Nikki ❤;