#Project365 – Week 9

Day 52

This is the sneaky pic E had taken on my iPad while playing Disney’s Pet Palace.

Day 53

The picture of me and my girls having a morning cuddle.

Day 54

Hubby and Baby testing out our new carrier so we can take baby on our walks down woods and of adventures.

Day 55

I love Baby’s cheeky little smile in this picture, that I snapped while on school run.

Day 56

A teething Baby means a tired sleepless night for mummy.

Day 57

I dropped my phone while doing the family shop. I almost started crying out side the supermarket. Luckily I still had insurance on my phone and I have already got it replaced. I felt so lost though. 

Day 58

We promised T a game of monopoly if he kept up good behaviour and today he managed to only give a tiny bit of attitude. So he got a game before bed. He did really well but end up going bust. 

Can’t wait to see your weeks an see what you have been upto.

Nikki x 

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